DesertExile: April 2006

27 April 2006

Good on her

U.S. Army Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Schoomaker pins a combat action badge on the uniform of U.S. Army Chief Warrant Officer 2 Nicole Shuman, an AH-64D Longbow Apache pilot assigned to 1st Battalion, 4th Aviation Regiment, Combat Aviation Brigade, 4th Infantry Division, during an awards ceremony at Camp Taji, Iraq, April 19, 2006. Shuman was presented her badge for actions during a combat mission in the skies over Baghdad. U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jason Thompson

Defining Down anarchist behavior

Every once in a while, a writer comes along and puts into print the things that irritate you, that are "behind the curtain".
In this case the big issue (the forest) is Illegal Immigration. The point that he has burned me for about 30 years is contained in Mr. Garnica's composition. That is, defining down issues and violations. Thirty years ago, scientific people knew that marijuana is not healty, is more carcinogenic than tobacco, and an escape from reality. Possession was a felony.

As time went along, the hippy Liberals who used it said "It doesn't hurt you" , and "It just mellows you out, Man!". Liberal lawmakers made possession of less than an ounce an "Infraction", meaning they could only get a ticket for having it, and the penalty was a fine.

Californians went another step, and as good Liberals always do, they over-emphasized "Compassion" and "Understanding". It was placed on the ballot and a simple majority of Californians voted for it. NOw, if an Officer stops you and finds marijuana, you can say:" It's for medicinal purposes", and the officer has to release you with your dope.

At any rate, the author is an attorney, and this is his "Right-ON!" piece.
In case you have not noticed, liberal relativism and political correctness have now reached code red on the imbecile meter. It is bad enough that we have been slowly but surely sliding down the murky slope toward the title of most wimpy society. Now we can see just how steep that pathetic slide will be.

There was a time when the rule of law meant something in this society. The phrase “strong arm of the law� came out of that time. The sides were clear then. On one side you had those who wanted to obey the law, fulfill their dreams, raise a family and appreciate the wonderful country they lived in. On the other side you had those who did not give a rodent’s posterior about the law, whose dreams involved a getaway car, who only wanted to raise their rap sheet and whose appreciation did not go beyond their nose. You chose which side you were on, which team you belonged to, and then you played hardball. More often than not, crime did not pay, and so we got another one of those familiar phrases reminding us of that.

The rules were simple then. Break the rules and you will be on the run, you will be hiding out and you will have to sneak around a lot. Follow the rules and you will at least be able to walk in the sunlight without wondering if someone is going to report you or throw you in jail. Sure there has always been injustice of some kind, prejudice of some kind and unfairness of some kind. Of course racism and most of the other isms are wrong and need to be constantly fought against. Nobody is saying that this society was perfect then or did not need improvement. What is being said here is that I will take that society with its ills anytime over what passes for a society now.

This society is drowning in moral relativism and political correctness. It has replaced the rule of law with the rule of thumb. Its conscience is a joke and its moral compass only points to self. Instead of creating and maintaining solid laws and applications of those laws based on common sense, common decency and common respect, it is now engaged in a systematic destruction of just those things. Good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust and proper and improper are now judged by holding one’s thumb in the air and judging which way the wind is blowing. To make matters worse, that thumb belongs to a society which increasingly does not know its conscience from its posterior area.

It is ironic that a society which increasingly thumbs its nose at The Ten Commandments has now given birth to its own Eleventh Commandment now so universally worshipped that it has replaced the other ten. That new and all-pervasive rule of thumb is
Thou Shalt Not Offend. What matters now is that we do not offend anyone, no matter what the circumstances or who that someone is. I mean, what kind of society would be so low as to offend thieves, rapists, child molesters or anyone participating in any illegal conduct? How dare this society even think of attempting to judge anyone! I mean, is it not offensive to be judged or seen as breaking the law? No, we have to be sensitive to those of us who might find themselves on the wrong side of the law. They have feelings and families, you know.

If a guy breaks into a store or robs from a bank, we should think about what horrible things caused him to do such a thing and blame those really responsible for his acts. Maybe his parents, teachers, pets or perhaps right-wing radicals are to blame. Certainly we do no good by judging or blaming him for his actions. Rape and murder and you will have Hollywood celebrities pleading your cause because you have changed since those crimes. All we have to know about this society is how the media and celebrities will run to defend a convicted murderer before they will ever rush to defend an unborn child.

In our rush to avoid offending almost anyone we are now permanently offending common sense, common decency and common respect. I say “almost anyone� because it is obviously acceptable to offend Christians and conservatives. It is the height of imbecilic irony that this society which is so consumed in not offending has become offensive in and of itself to anyone with an ounce of brains, conscience, sense and integrity.

Only a fool would believe for a second that a society’s attitudes would not eventually seep into its educational system. I have personally witnessed what passes for a public school education these days, and the spectacle would be laughable if it were not so tragic. Dante must have had a vision of the typical urban public school when he created his Inferno, but most likely he edited his vision somewhat so as to make his work more palatable to the public.

Schools are so afraid to offend troublemakers that they offend good students by failing to provide them with a solid, disciplined learning environment. Teachers are so afraid to offend students that they are unable to instill order and respect. The curriculum is so afraid to offend liberal agendas that it offends history and sound educational principles. Unions are so afraid to lose credibility and political power that they offend common sense and a true focus on their supposed mission of educating future generations with sound and unbiased methods. Anyone wondering what this golden society has spawned need only look to most of its urban public schools, where the inmates are not only running the asylum but also creating its rules. The recent examples of radical teachers preaching liberal propaganda rather than history, geography or math should not surprise anyone with a brain, two ears and two eyes. Increasingly, we see a public education system that demands more taxpayer dollars which it claims will be used to educate our young but which ends up merely exposing them to blatant liberal agendas. It is the height of arrogance and absurdity that liberals not only want to brainwash our young with their spin on sin but even want us to pay for the procedure!

It has been said that once you lose touch with common sense, common decency and common respect, all bets are off as to how you will spin toward oblivion. This society is so lost that it does not know up from down and its declarations, observations and judgments now bear no resemblance to anything worth a moment of thought. The evils of abortion and euthanasia, attacks on the traditional family, and growing disdain for absolute moral principles are evidence of a societal Titanic already taking in water.
Do not be surprised if you see a special lane for criminals on the highways so that they will not be offended by the traffic laws that law abiding citizens are forced to follow. Now that I think about it, you better get used to not being surprised by anything you might see on the horizon or just around the bend. Pardon me, excuse me, and I am sorry for anything I have said that offends the sensitive liberal bashing another set of conservative values.

24 April 2006

If they will do it to them.....

This post will not be too long.

Today's topic was generated by the revelation that a member of the CIA's Inspector General's office was fired for giving away classified information.

To those who might try to cast this person as a heroine, THINK:

This person has sworn an oath, and has promised to hold secret that which is/was classified by superiors. This person made a conscious decision to reveal Classified Information to NEWSPAPERS. That is giving the information to everyone.

You should ask yourself: If this person will sell out this country, how can I trust her to defend my country.

This is the same as a person who is married, but choses to go outside of the marraige for sexual favors. Often, the person who is chosen as the external satifier should think: If he/she will do it to his wife/her husband, he/she will do it to me.

As Ross Perot declared that he would not retain in employment a person found to be having an extramarital affair, " If your wife can't trust you--I can't either".

21 April 2006

There are people I know who won't hurt me

The rest of the Title quote is: I call them corpses. - Randy K. Milholland

The photo:
When the German Panzer divisions crossed the Polish border in 1939, they confronted an adversary which symbolized the end of the mounted soldier - or so they thought. Pathetically, the Polish Cavalry attempted to stall the invasion by charging the German tanks on horseback. To say the least, the valiant Poles were quickly overrun. Four years later the cavalry had a final say.

In the cold winter of 1943, on the steppes of the Ukraine, the German tanks were literally frozen in their tracks. Cossacks descended on the tanks, mounted on ponies which were descendants of the horses of the ancient Scythians, the first masters of cavalry.

The Cossacks swept over the frozen plain firing machine guns and throwing grenades into the German forces with deadly effect. The Cossacks fled on their swift horses before the astonished Germans had time to react.

The point of where this is going is that Superior Brute Force decides how people will behave. In the case of the Polish Cavalry, a hundred years before, they would have decided who won. They had been the Superior Force, but circumstances change.

This is a FACT that persons of the Liberal persuasion can not realize. Their limited view is: "If we talk, negotiate, do give and take---They will leave us alone."


Any person who has been a police officer or a soldier in combat knows that there are a great number of especially men, and some women, who would rather kill you than talk to you.

Illegal immigrants coming to the United States have nothing but contempt for U.S. law enforcers. Why? Because they know that:
You can not touch them. They know the rules, and know the only time you can do anything with them is if they refuse to follow directions afterarrest, or to put on or take off habndcuffs.
They KNOW that if you violate those rules, they have the business card of an ACLU type attorney, usually in Santa Ana, Calfornia, who will sue you and your department for "violating their civil rights".
You can only use deadly force in extreme situations.
Your superiors will not back you up. All they have todo is allege Racism, and they will be released.
Politicians will order police officials NOT to arrest or hold them.

A revealing experience for a Highway Patrol Officer was when he went to Mexico as a Liason Officer, working an auto theft case. The Policia in the town just across the Border held a suspect that had been a fugitive. This suspect was believed to have stolen somewhere between fifty and one hundred vehicles in the U.S., then taking them to Mexico.
The CHP Officer enters a room. The suspect is seated a table. The CHP Officer HAS TO read the suspect his Miranda Rights, as the suspect may be extradited to the U.S. The suspect essentially orders the officer to do something un-natural to himself, and spit at the officer.
The Station Commandante is summoned. The impasse is related. The Commandante takes out his Colt 45 auto, lays it on the table, barrel pointing at the suspect, and starts asking the suspect questions. Every time the suspect is slow in answering, the Commandante's finger tightens on the trigger. The suspect admitted thirty some thefts.

The same Officer is a citizen of the U.S, after he gained citizenship here. He was born in Mexico. He remembers that when he was a small child, a Mexican Police Officer attempted to stop his father. They were driving north, in Mexico, and just a few miles from the Border. The Police officer blew his whistle, which was the signal to stop. The Highway Patrol Officer's father believed that he would be arrested if he stopped. He accelerated. The Mexican Police Officer blew the whistle agin, and simultaneously started shooting through the back window of the car the future CHP Officer was in.

Personal experience tells me:
If you are pleasant and nice, those with little or no education believe that you are weak.
Certain knowledge of immediate impending pain gains compliance.

In history, the man we know as Count Dracula, was in fact known in his country as Vlad, the Impaler. Vlad KNEW that the Turkish Muslims were coming to conquor his city, then his country. Vlad had close knowledge of the Turks, and knew what they respected. When the Turks arrived in Romania at Vlad's city, they found twenty thousand of their countrymen, that had been sent ahead as spies, but had been posing as migrants or businessmen, mounted on stakes. The stake had been inserted through the rectum, and exited at the mouth. The sight of twenty thousand Turks impaled and on display convinced the Turks to return with haste to their own country. The obvious message was--If you lose, this is YOU!

19 April 2006

Stages of any Marathon--and one you won't forget.

For some privileged few born with athletic ability, lining up on a marathon day is basically"Let's get this over".

To the average Tom, John, Mary and Sally, there are some distinct phases:
1. (Start)Did I train enough?

Did I do enough hills?
Did I eat right (for 6 months)?
Are my clothes(running gear) right for this race? Are my shoes too (Tight or loose)?
Will I need to go to the bathroom too often? They say to "Hydrate", and I drank a lot.

2. (10 miles)I'm doing pretty good. I'm staying up with (pick a designated person)

3. (18 Miles)Lord, I'm wearing down a little but I shouldn't have trouble finishing.

4. (About 20 miles) Uh-OH! I am running out of energy. Should have grabbed that banana they held out at the last Aid Station.

5. (24 miles) OH-GOD!. Calves are cramping. Getting a stomach ache. Energy is in the GONE status. Just let me make it to the Finish.

6. (FINISH!) Find me a place to lay down! I'll NEVER do this again. Lord,. I could have DIED!

7. (A month later) You know what!? I can improve my time. God, I can't wait to get back and run THAT course again!

At the Big Sur Marathon site: Hard, grueling, mountainous, windy, spectacular, unforgiving, rewarding, spiritual, mystical and unforgettable ---are some of the adjectives that have been used to describe our Marathon.

Yes, it is ALL that! I've done it four times. Right now, I'm trying to get over a procedure to correct atrial fibrillation, but if I could, I'd be signed up, and headed back!

This race is an ASS-KICKER. The normal temperature advertised is Average Temperature: 50° - 60° F. Average Humidity: 30 - 50% RIGHT! Last time I went, it was 42 degrees at the start. We had hail at mile 2 and 4. The start is usually 45-48 degrees. It got up to 72 degrees on the course one year.

The couse: The MOST SCENIC you will ever see. It is like going to church in a huge artisticly built Cathedral. BUT--There is a 500 foot high hill in the middle. If you don't know the couse, you get there and say" Boy, I got this one beat!" RIGHT!. Rounding the top, you find out why they named it "Hurricane Point". The wind is ALWAYS blowing , north to south, from 20 to 40 miles an hour. You are literally "Running against the wind". O K Champ. You have some other surprises. In your car, you do not notice them, but there are SIX--yes, 6 --200 foot hills before the finish.

Right before Carmel, there is a stately older white building off to the side. It is a poster moment. It is owned by Clint Eastwood.

You finish, and wonder," How could I have done this to myself?"

It sets in about a week later: That fascination with what you saw. You forget the aches, pain, and discomfort as you ran. You remember those grand scenes. And you can NOT wait to go back next year.

17 April 2006

Racist Goals

What is the difference between the thoughts and goals of Adolph Hitler and MEChA ?

Not a whole Hell of a lot!

With a unique blend of nationalism, militarism, and racial theory, Adolf Hitler taught the German people to believe that they were the Master Race. Nazism's appeal hinged on its many perceived benefits, including full employment and farming initiatives, and its mass rallies, which brought people and Party together. Stirred by the Fuhrer's rousing rhetoric, millions were swept along by the excitement and promise of national socialism. (ad for book

MEChA goals and objectives:
Objective One:
We recognize that Chicanismo is evolutionary and that a Chicano identity is not a nationality but a philosophy. Chicano nationalism is the key to taking our people forward. M.E.Ch.A. will not discriminate against any Mechista who works for and adopts Chicanismo as indicated in El Plan de Santa Barbara, and the Philosophy of M.E.Ch.A. This philosophy is the key to taking our people forward.
Philosophy of MEChA
The Philosophy of MEChA contains many valuable insights into the mindset of the founders and the MEChistas, past and present, who abide by its precepts. Philosophy explains that “Chicanismo involves a personal decision to reject assimilation and work towards the preservation of our cultural heritage.� This rejection of assimilation, among the supposed “descendants of El Quinto Sol� extends to any Hispanic who simply wants to be an individual. They are derided as “corporate Hispanics.� True MEChistas, by contrast, are to undertake a struggle for the “liberation of Aztlan.� The means by which this goal would be pursued are various, but by Philosophy’s specific reference to both El Plan Espiritual and EPSB, one can safely assume that the means would include cooptation of the university for “community purposes� – the very goals young Tony Villar pursued in 1974.
Also notable is the stark statement deep within the pages of Philosophy that, while there is a general lack of uniformity from club to club, general standards do include the requirement that:
"General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes, and works for the goals and objectives of M.E.Ch.A. including the liberation of Aztlán�
The first requirement for affiliation is that the chapter “Orient all members by discussing and reading historical documents of our movement including El Plan de Santa Barbara, El Plan de Aztlán and the Philosophy of M.E.Ch.A.�
As noted in the introduction, these two statements prove that any MEChista alumni who refuses to renounce his or her past associations by claiming ignorance or non-involvement with radical elements within MEChA are quite simply lying: they are radicals by definition.

14 April 2006

A lesson on Statistics

Today's San Diego Union has this bragging post:
County crows at glowing crime report

The city of San Diego and its neighbors have long stood among America's most beautiful and safest – albeit expensive – communities.
New crime statistics give the region even more cache.

San Diego County is a much safer place than it was 25 years ago, according to data released yesterday by the San Diego Association of Governments.
Overall, there were 36.4 major crimes per 1,000 residents in 2005. In 1981, the crime rate was 63.3 per 1,0000 residents. Major crimes include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, larceny and auto theft.
Last year's violent-crime rate – the number of homicides, rapes, robberies and aggravated assaults per 1,000 residents countywide – reached a 25-year low: 4.5.

Well, well, well

Then we go to the San Diego Police Officer's Association

The SDPOA represents the men and women of the San Diego Police Department. The City of San Diego is losing its officers at an alarming rate. Police and Sheriff departments in San Diego county and throughout the state of California are recruiting our experienced officers because the City of San Diego is not competitive in its compensation.
The SDPD is not able to hire enough officers to keep up with attrition. The citizens of San Diego should be concerned that the historically superior police department it deserves is being reduced to something less. Over $500,000 is invested in the training of a police officer in the first five years. San Diego has become the training ground for other police agencies. Click
here to see the experience level of those leaving.

Employees Departing for Other LE Agencies
Depart Date Agency Seniority
01/02/2005 DA's Office 11 YEARS
01/06/2005 DA's Office 13 YEARS
03/29/2005 Murrieta PD 11 YEARS
04/10/2005 FBI 2 YEARS
04/25/2005 CHP 7 YEARS
05/06/2005 Santa Ana 7 YEARS
06/03/2005 SD City School PD 5 YEARS
07/06/2005 Riverside DA 18 YEARS
07/28/2005 Accepted job in DOJ 10 YEARS
08/26/2005 ANAHEIM PD 6 YEARS
08/31/2005 Riverside County Sheriff's Dept. 8 YEARS
09/09/2005 La Mesa PD 1 YEAR
09/09/2005 Murrieta Police Dept. 6 YEARS
09/09/2005 Murrieta Police Dept. 6 YEARS
09/14/2005 Murrieta Police Dept. 5 YEARS
09/21/2005 Riverside Sheriff's 5 YEARS
09/23/2005 Denver PD 9 YEARS
09/29/2005 District Attorney 20 YEARS
10/26/2005 Hired at Riverside Sheriff's 5 YEARS
10/27/2005 DA's Office 22 YEARS
10/27/2005 DA's Office 24 YEARS
10/28/2005 Murrieta PD 6 YEARS
El Cajon PD 1 YEAR
11/25/2005 City of Hemet 11 YEARS
11/28/2005 Riverside Sheriff's Dept. 13 YEARS
12/01/2005 Carlsbad PD 7 YEARS
12/02/2005 Temecula 7 YEARS
12/02/2005 Santa Monica PD 6 YEARS
12/02/2005 Carlsbad PD 5 YEARS
12/05/2005 Carlsbad PD 5 YEARS
12/05/2005 Riverside Sheriff's Department 7 YEARS
12/08/2005 DA Office 14 YEARS
12/11/2005 Hemet PD 14 YEARS
12/15/2005 Banning PD 6 YEARS

12/18/2005 San Bruno PD 1 YEAR

There is a practice known in law enforcement and prosecution known as "Kissing off"
That means: As an Officer you encounter or are sent to an incident. You quickly determine that it is very unlikely that: A. the perpetrator will be caught, and B. the matter will never result in prosecution. Now, this does not apply to California Highway Patrol Officers, because the penalty for "Kissing off" a situation that calls for documentation is DISMISSAL

Example: Shortly after I went to the Field, and to South Central Los Angeles CHP Office, an Officer [Women did not enter the CHP as Officers until late 1975] was sent to a "Hit and Run" collision. The victim was a young lady, and typical of young women, was extremely emotionally upset about being struck. She had been on the Harbor Freeway, when a "Large Blue Car" came into her lane from the left, sideswiped her car, then accelerated away. She did not know the make of the car, who the driver was, male, female, Black, Hispanic or what.

The Officer told her that if he took a report, he would be" wasting my time, your time, and the State's time".

The woman went home. When her husband came home, he saw the left side of her car was wiped out. He stormed into the house, and demanded to know what had happened. The lady explainmed, and he blurted out a demand:" You did get a police report, didn't you?" She repeated what the Officer had said. Husband flew into a rage, and rang up the CHP Office.

That Officer was investigated, and fired.

The situation with the San Diego Police is that there are never enough officers to do the job.
The same situation has been true for the Border Patrol since 1985. Many times, I would stop a car, find 4-6 men in it, and find that none of them had identification. I'd call for Border Patrol and be told " They are too busy" or" All of their units are busy".

The result is twofold, and decided by the Administration.
First, the Powers-that-be have "Prioritized" Calls. If your house has been burgled, you can not expect a police officer to come to your house--ever. A Civilian "Report-taker" will show up in a comapct car and listen to your description of what happened and what was lost. They say that immediate "threat to life" calls take precedence. You can not expect any further effort to locate your property, as "They are too busy".

Get your car stolen. You will be told that an Officer WILL NOT come to your location. You will be asked your phone number, and told that a "report taker" will call you. You will then make a report OVER THE PHONE.

Second, Police Departments live and die by Statistics. Too many crimes, and you don't look good. Solved crimes look good. So, the pressure is to "Kiss Off" incidents that should be recorded.

As said before, Prosecutors engage in the same practice. In one case, two males were in a car that veered off a road and hit a tree. The driver was drunk. The passenger was almost killed.
In reality, that passenger is NOT the victim--the State of California is.
The prosecutor rejected ( Fancy term for kissing off) case saying that "The Victim does not wish to prosecute".

Defining Down

QUOTE: Thanks to Lara Ingraham

Lord, we have lost our sense of sin. Today a slick campaign of propaganda is spreading an inane apologia of evil, a senseless cult of Satan, a mindless desire for transgression, a dishonest and frivolous freedom, exalting impulsiveness, immorality and selfishness as if they were new heights of sophistication.
-- Pope Benedict, on Good Friday Services.

13 April 2006

Why do they do that?

You have often heard this phrase/question after a person has had a transaction with a police officer, or they have viewed the officer in action, either first hand or on some news clip.

As a former Officer, I was aware of these questions and the occasions that generated them.

Typical Scenarios are:
A person is stopped for a violation. The Officer walks with deliberation to one of the doors of the stopped car. REASON: You appraoch in a matter that shows by body language, "I have control here". If the stopped driver has given signs of resisting or evading while being stopped, that driver has put the Officer "ON Guard".

The Officer then informs the driver as to why there has been a stop. A driver may retort with a disagreement. This is not wise, and will be responded to with body language and a verbal message that says," I'm not here to debate". Unspoken is the thought:" If you had any hope of getting a warning--you just blew it".

The officer is testing also. He may have the impression that the violator is going to try something else. If the violator shows submission, the rest of the transaction will go smoothly

The best apparoch to maybe getting that warning is HONESTY! Our society has become one where NO one is at Fault-It is always someone else's input. Officers get so tired of hearing excuses, and arguments that:
The violator is late for____
The Violator has to get to a bath room.
The violator will be in trouble with___if he/she doesn't get to ____ in the next ___minutes.

Women: Tears will NOT work. In fact, the Officers I know feel that this is a bargaining chip, and will counter by making sure a citation is issued.

Officers usually have access to their sidearm, an automatic pistol, a shotgun, (rarely used) ,and a civilian version of the M-16.
As to when to use, the use of a weapon is decided by Department Policy, which is based on both Criminal; and Civil Law.
A weapon can not be used unless the Officer feels threatened, to save the life of another, or to capture a FLEEING, VIOLENT Felon. So, when you see the end of a chase, and the officers are NOT pointing guns luike they do in the TV police shows, that is why.

On the other hand, you may see a vehicle drive to the right and stop. Now, you see two or more police cars. The officers get out, guns drawn, and pointing at the stopped car. REASON: The officer has reliable, verified information that the person in this car has committed a felony, or the car was used in a felony.

BREAKS: Personal experience. 34 years ago, I stopped a man for about 95 miles an hour. He seemed like a nice guy, and was returning to Oklahoma City. He asked " Can't you give me a Break?" O K, so I write the citation for 80, as the speed limit was 70 then.
About a week later, the Segeant says," Come in to my office, and close the door". The Sergeant then tells that he has a complaint letter from Okie City guy, and the man stated this: The Officer told me I was going 95, but he wrote the ticket for 80. The officer is either not sure how fast I was going, or he is lying".
From then on, I never reduced the speed. Now, you have a third generation Radar that you can lock the violator's speed on, and show it to him/her. You would not dare write another figure on the citation.

Up to about 1980, there was an unspoken rule that if you went to a crash, or stopped a car, and the driver was an influentiaql person or another police officer, you drove him/her home, and made no record of the contact.
As time went on, upper police administrators developed a burning desire to CYA.
About 1985, an Officer working north of San Bernardino was sent to a crash with only one vehicle involved on a saturday afternoon. The officer should have thought," Ive been sent here--someone besides me knows what happened". The driver of the crashed car said in a slurred voice" It's OK. I'm a Deputy Sheriff from San Bernardino." The Deputy was obviouslu under the influence (DUI) and the Officer drove him home after calling a tow, and having the car towed to a collision reconstruction facility.
The next Monday, a retired couple came in to the Office where the Officer was based. They wanted to know what the crash driver's blood alcohol result was, as they had a bet with each other.
The Officer could not deny going to the crash. There was a log that showed he was sent, and a log entry requesting a tow to that loaction.
The officer was given TEN DAYS OFF WITHOUT PAY. The Agency issued a statewide Memo, stating that anyone who did not arrest a DUI driver would face 30 days off without pay the first time, and dismissal the second time.


Theimage (click to enlarge) is of Yosemite, based on a Google Earth type rendition.

This, to me, is heaven. Why? For these reasons:
The scenery is endless. This park is bigger than most counties, almost as big as Rhode Island.
Most visitors drive through the valley and say. "Wow!", and drive out. [The valley is pictured in the lower middle haf, center.]
In 1912, greedy San Francisco went looking for a water source. They found the Hetch Hetchy valley with a river running through it. So, they influenced Congress into letting them build a dam across that valley. If there was no dam, there would be a second Yosemite and more to marvel at.
There are trails almost everywhere. You can go to literally a hundred waterfalls, but there are many that the only way to get there is to hike in.

Radios, Cell Phones, and Pagers DO NOT WORK. How long has it been since you have been somewhere that you are out of reach of cell phones, faxes, pagers, and email? Of course, if you go backpacking into the back country, you must get a Permit from the Park Service. That way, they know to go looking for you if you do not return on time.

My personal preference is to rent a cabin or a roomin or around the Park, and drive to trailheads. Most hikes are optimal for exercise and time alloted. With another hiker, we hiked up Half Domeand returned to the Valley floor in ONE DAY. That is close to 20 miles. While that seems significant, the top of Half Dome is 4,800 feet above theValley floor. I have run easier marathons.

An experience in self-importance.
The top photo is of "El Capitan". You see this giant rock just after you come into the Valley. This is Valhalla for rock climbers. It is 3.000 feet--straight up. Looking up that rock face, you are struck how small you really are, and how much of an effect you can have on your environment. Yosemite Falls is over 2,000 feet high, and about a mile east of the El Capitan formation.

10 April 2006


To find out what this is about, go to:(Click on LINK)

Meanwhile, I have this reaction: I AM PISSED OFF!
Why? We have univited people, who "broke in", and now demand everything we have.
An explanation is this: (From )
“If I break into your home uninvited, how long must I hide in your home before being awarded all the benefits of being a family member?�

As another put it so well, “imagine waking one morning to unexpectedly find a strange husband and wife and their three children sitting in your living room, watching your TV, reading your paper and eating your Cheerio’s from your dishes. Upon asking how they got there and what they are doing there, you are informed that you need to add them to your health insurance, provide them with a roof and meals while helping them seek employment and seeing to it that their children are properly enrolled in your children’s school.

On top of that, you are accused of stealing THEIR land, and being Racist Bigots. Bulls**T!
The Mexicans had their asses kicked repeatedly. After the Mexicans gave the Marines that line in their Marine Corps Hymn " From the Halls of Montezuma", they gave up a piece of their country. Hell, we conquored them. We should have kept the entire country, as the peaceful followers of Mohammed did to the entire Middle East, from North Africa clear to India.

I know I have been betrayed by all levels of Government which,since September 11, 2001 have told me that they are protecting me. Bulls**T! They get taxpayer money to pay some less than skilled person to stand there and make you take off your shoes.
Meanwhile, the Government WILL NOT expand the Border Patrol, and WILL NOT let the existing Agents do their job.

Yet, this same Government would put me in jail for not paying those taxes.

From history, I look for a response from Americans. The response I see is direct, violent action. Americans have learned from attorneys and criminal gangs how to dispatch someone, and never be in danger of being prosecuted.

04 April 2006

Accuse the apprehender

A couple of days ago, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Radical Liberal from Georgia, elected by idiots to be their congresswoman, decided to blow by a Capitol Police Officer, without identifying herself.
The Officer apparently does not know who McKinney is, and tried to stop her and enforce the rule that "everyone [Except Congress persons] must go through the metal detector". McKinney struck the Officer with her fists when stopped.

ACCUSE the Apprehender:

In 1994, I was a CHP Officer working in the El Cajon CHP Office. On the way in to the Office one evening, I was passed by a pickup going 85 MPH on I-8 east. It took me about two miles to get the driver stopped. The driver got out, staggered back, and slurred," Whas the matta , Offisuh-?"

He was taken to downtown jail, and gave urine samples. According to the County Lab, his Blood Alcohol level was .18.

The man's family owns a large local business.

He hired a high profile attorney, who in turn brought in several "Experts". ( Police Officers call them "Liars for Hire)

On the stand, I was accused of several mistakes and "prejudicial efforts":

_--I gave the man sobriety tests, but did not test him for influence of marijuana.
[His blood had a high content of marijuana. He admitted on the stand that he smoked the night before, to relax and go to sleep]

There was a delay in testing the man. (yes, had to wait til his pickup was towed)

So, I formulated this abreviation: A L L S
When an Officer, or LEO, goes to court, this is what he/she is going to face. One, or all of these.

A= Arrogant. Includes rude, excessive force, prejudice, racism.

L=Lazy " Officer, if you had just worked a little harder, you would have found that me client was not the perpetrator" OR " Officer, you needed a statistic so you grabbed the first person who came by--my client".

L= Lying. "Officer, isn't it true that my client was driving straight, but in order to stop him, you concocted the story that he was weaving?".

S=Stupid. One defense attorny started off cross examination with" Officer, did you ever complete High School?"

You see, it is that tactic made popular in the 70's: When apprehended, accuse the apprehender of misconduct.

Oh, yes, the outcome of the trail? A hung Jury. ten voted to convict, two said they had that infamous "Reasonable Doubt".

03 April 2006

Personal Observations of Accessories.

When you start shopping for a new car, you find that there are a myriad of accessories and additions to make a vehicle comfortable, easy to drive, and provide safety for the driver. Yet, one has choices that cancel each other. Do you select a large vehicle, which will insure your survival in a freeway collision. Or, do you pick a cracker box that will cost you very little, and get 55 miles to the gallon, but will probably get you killed in a normal street collision. You can get a smaller car with oodles of power, but power=gas mileage, i.e., the more power the less gas mileage.

The same is with people.

My observation, based on life experience, says this. You will not findthis in a place that says " Survey says", or "recent studies show" .

My view is of what women want in men. It almost always conflicting.

They want a man to be "Strong", but be able to go to tears over some trivial tragedy.
They want a man to be with them, and pay attention to them, but conversely, they want the man to make money for their shopping and comfort desires.

The men who get the most grief are police officers and military. A woman can give one of these enough discomfort to last a week, but he has to go to work and compartmentalize it. Put it in the back of his mind, and not think about it until he is "off duty".

In these professions, distractions = death. You must be focused 100% of the time, 24/7. Doping off into a "How can I make her happy?" session will cause you to miss some clue, some body language that would have raised your shields, and allowed you to get"the drop" on the bad guy.

So, the guys learn to NOT let some emotional things affect them. Terms like "stoic" are applied.
This drives women crazy. Guys learn not to talk about experiences. Why? Women either trivialize those experiences, or critique them with "Could,Woulda, Shoulda" comments. You get enough of those from your Agency.

Since 1970, there has been a 180 degree shift.
Before in police work, if you showed emotion, or consulted a psychologist or psychiatrist, you were "unstable", and "Unreliable". If such behavior or contact became known to superiors, they started amassing a case on you to fire you.

Starting about 1990, a psychologist was at "In-Service" classes as a result of alcoholism, suicides, and higher divorce rates.

About 2000, if someone in your Office was shot, severely injured, or killed, psychologists showed up. After shift start, you were urged to attend "group sessions" and Greif Counselling".

Us older guys always left the office when the sessions started, went out on the highways, and entered our "Road Warrior" Mode.

02 April 2006

"those who do not study the past are doomed to repeat it."George Santayana

At right, you see a statue of General Robert E. Lee.

A favorite saying all through my young years was " The South shall rise again".

Consider this action:
Vandals took a torch and toppled four 197-foot radio towers that are part of a seven-tower cluster in Black Canyon City, authorities said Wednesday.The damage has been preliminarily estimated at "millions of dollars," said Susan Quayle, a spokeswoman for the Yavapai County Sheriff's Office.Knocked off the air was KMIA-AM (710), a Spanish station in Phoenix. It broadcasts ESPN Deportes, a sports-talk format that launched last month.

You see, I had a very truthful History teacher in High School. This was the late 50's, and Blacks had not yet figured out that they were "Victims".

He taught that the Confederacy rose because of dictates of the Federal Government. It was NOT about slvery. That was drawn in as part of an appeal to those less energetic about pressing the Civil War in 1863.

After the War, Licoln wanted to "Forgive and Forget". Another approach was "Let's teach 'em a lesson". After Lincoln was killed, Northerners put the latter approach into action. A law was put into effect that " Anyone who had served or given aid or comfort to the Confederate Army will not be allowed to vote". So who could? Former Slaves, and other black people. For about 20 years "Carpet Baggers" (Northeners who corrupted the elected Black legislators, and were awarded contracts for goods, highways and other projects that were never delivered or got done) held power.

Blacks were then relegated to second class citizens. and the worse thing you can be--now-- to a Southerner is a "Yankee". This term is spit out like a bitter taste just came into the speaker's mouth.

To rectify the balance of power, a group rose up. We now know that group as the Klu Klux Klan.

So, what has this got to do with someone taking down a Spanish language station?

In our time, the Federal Government has ordered the officials to are SUPPOSED to keep out illegal immigrants NOT TO TAKE ACTION. We are asupposed to sit there and take it.
Seems to me like someone isn't sitting there anymore, and certainly not taking it.