DesertExile: Racist Goals

17 April 2006

Racist Goals

What is the difference between the thoughts and goals of Adolph Hitler and MEChA ?

Not a whole Hell of a lot!

With a unique blend of nationalism, militarism, and racial theory, Adolf Hitler taught the German people to believe that they were the Master Race. Nazism's appeal hinged on its many perceived benefits, including full employment and farming initiatives, and its mass rallies, which brought people and Party together. Stirred by the Fuhrer's rousing rhetoric, millions were swept along by the excitement and promise of national socialism. (ad for book

MEChA goals and objectives:
Objective One:
We recognize that Chicanismo is evolutionary and that a Chicano identity is not a nationality but a philosophy. Chicano nationalism is the key to taking our people forward. M.E.Ch.A. will not discriminate against any Mechista who works for and adopts Chicanismo as indicated in El Plan de Santa Barbara, and the Philosophy of M.E.Ch.A. This philosophy is the key to taking our people forward.
Philosophy of MEChA
The Philosophy of MEChA contains many valuable insights into the mindset of the founders and the MEChistas, past and present, who abide by its precepts. Philosophy explains that “Chicanismo involves a personal decision to reject assimilation and work towards the preservation of our cultural heritage.� This rejection of assimilation, among the supposed “descendants of El Quinto Sol� extends to any Hispanic who simply wants to be an individual. They are derided as “corporate Hispanics.� True MEChistas, by contrast, are to undertake a struggle for the “liberation of Aztlan.� The means by which this goal would be pursued are various, but by Philosophy’s specific reference to both El Plan Espiritual and EPSB, one can safely assume that the means would include cooptation of the university for “community purposes� – the very goals young Tony Villar pursued in 1974.
Also notable is the stark statement deep within the pages of Philosophy that, while there is a general lack of uniformity from club to club, general standards do include the requirement that:
"General membership shall consist of any student who accepts, believes, and works for the goals and objectives of M.E.Ch.A. including the liberation of Aztlán�
The first requirement for affiliation is that the chapter “Orient all members by discussing and reading historical documents of our movement including El Plan de Santa Barbara, El Plan de Aztlán and the Philosophy of M.E.Ch.A.�
As noted in the introduction, these two statements prove that any MEChista alumni who refuses to renounce his or her past associations by claiming ignorance or non-involvement with radical elements within MEChA are quite simply lying: they are radicals by definition.


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