DesertExile: September 2007

22 September 2007

OUR little world

Cell industry crafts law to override text ban
Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Arizona’s cell phone industry was shaken up by Phoenix’s new law banning texting while driving and is crafting its own state law that could override local ordinances.
One state legislator called the industry’s proposal “completely disingenuous.”
Susan Bitter Smith, lobbyist for the Arizona Competitive Telecommunications Association, said the new Phoenix law unfairly targets cell phone texting by motorists as a cause of accidents.
That ordinance, which took effect this week, provides fines up to $100 for drivers who send or receive text messages on cell phones and other handheld devices while their vehicle is moving.The penalty is $250 if there is an accident.
The move came over the objections of the cellular industry, which earlier this year beat back a similar proposal by Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, for a statewide ban on texting while driving.
Bitter Smith said attorneys are researching whether cities have the legal right to impose their own texting laws. But Bitter Smith said a simpler way to resolve the issue is a statewide law, one that covers all issues of distracted driving. She said that could include not just texting but other activities that can be dangerous, ranging from eating while behind the wheel to turning around to yell at the kids in the back seat.
Farley said Bitter Smith’s legislation is a sham.
A demonstration folks, about how people put themselves first, and the rest of the world be damned.
So you see, these selfish a-holes are willing to put everyone around their 3000 pound ride at risk.
Oh, yes, I bet they march for illegal aliens and those undergoing genoicide in Darfur

16 September 2007

Just another thing to piss you off!

Look for SEPT 16, 2007
Lt. Alison Anderson.
Click on the Lt's name.
In the center, you will see the Lt's message.
Yes, the Lt. ask's for what most ask for: Things that entertain, and things they can snack on while operating in convoy.
BUT, you get down to the last few sentences.
"We do not have much out here. It is starting to get cold too, so clothing for the cold weather (Black or Brown) since funding is being cut"

14 September 2007

They don't care about you....

In the 1950's, if you voted for a politician, you were certain that his intent was to make decisions and cast a vote for what was good for the majority of AMERICANS.

Not so, lately.

Decisions are made based on HOW MUCH MORE MONEY CAN I MAKE?


Near the Mexico Border in San Diego, sit outside a school. Watch who drops off kids. About 60% are cars with Baja Calif Plates. You would think the School administrators would be outraged. Nope--They don't care. Why? Because every kid in that school gets them more money. They just count the kids. Where they come from is "Don't ask-Don't tell".

In California, if you start a business, the Dept of Insurance watches. You must provide a Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy, which is VERY expensive. Worker's Comp Insurance is like your car insurance--Have a crash, and your premium goes up. Have a worker get hurt, and your premium goes up. Insurers never ask where a Claimant is from, unless it looks like a fraud claim. They don't care--as long as the Employer pays the premium. One adjuster, speaking of fraud, stated that unless fraud could be proven, payments were made. It was said "If in doubt--pay out".

12 September 2007

It's a two-way street, dipstick!

It was interesting to watch congress persons and senators posture to please Code Pink,, and other assorted "Peace Advocates".
One of the Faustian characters was Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, CA.
This old fool lambasted into General David Howell Petraeus like he was some errant Private First Class who was here to confess to a multitude of sins.
Lantos basically accused the General of being a liar--before he started his report.
Well, Mr Lantos--have I got a clue for you. It goes both ways.
You Democrats LOVE to spew hate, find fault, and profess to be understanding, accommodating, and compassionate. BULLSHIT.
If a person has virtues and values, you don't emulate him/her--You try to tear them down to your sewer-line position.
Any intelligent person can soon deduce that that is what in progress. That person then has a question: What are you lacking that makes you attack this person?"
After you tear into people, you who are supposed to be an ethical, compassionate, and tolerant Congrssman...Why do you wonder that your approval rate is 14% or below?

Dining at Taco Bell

After a trip to my wife's doctor, we stopped at a pharmacy, dropped off prescriptions, and since they said it wouldn't be ready for at least thirty minutes and it was now 1730 hours ( 5:30 PM), we decided to look nearby for something to eat.
This is in cottonwood, Arizona, on Highway 89A, the main street of the town.
I had almost a distaste for Taco Bell. This came from going to Taco Bell franchises in California.
The places always had some part that was not clean, the attendants demonstrated that English was their second language, and the food was blah.
This Taco Bell in Cottonwood has obviously been there for some time. There are indications of age .
BUT--You get inside, and your whole outlook changes. The bathroom door doesn't have five coats of paint, and there isn't toilet paper and water on the floor in the bathroom. The counter man is Jay, a guy about 18. He speaks perfect English, and he was born here. He is very knowledgeable about what his store serves. My wife wants something tasty but not too spicy as she recently had session of chemotherapy. We place our order and sit down. Not too long passes and Jay calls our number.
The food is hot and is good. No Bland here.
As I sat there eating, a light came on in my mind:
1. For Jay, this was an entry job. I'm sure he will move on to college, and a more prestigious job.
For Hispanics (READ Illegal Aliens)who come here and want benefits but not to put out an effort, this would be their life's work.
2. Since the Hispanics make this their Life's Work, they are denying some young citizen an entry level job.

02 September 2007

A big double standard

Mesa cop to be disciplined for gestures
[Illegal Aliens show their respect for YOU]
A uniformed, on-duty Mesa police sergeant was among dozens who hurled insults or obscene gestures at immigrant protesters earlier this week, the Mesa Police Department announced Thursday.
Sgt. Mike Doherty, a 20-year veteran, will be disciplined for making an insulting gesture twice with his hands at a group of about 30 protesters when he drove past them Wednesday at Alma School Road and Main Street in his marked police truck, said spokeswoman Holly Hosac.
A few protesters took down Doherty’s license plate number and description and reported him to the department, Hosac said.Neither Doherty nor a representative of Immigrants Without Borders, which organized the protest, could be reached for comment late Thursday.
The Mesa protest group was among several throughout the Valley who were trying to bring attention to new laws that will punish employers for hiring illegal immigrants.Their signs said things such as “I am your cook,” and “Sorry your house isn’t clean.”Doherty told Mesa investigators his gestures were not ethnically motivated, pointing out that his wife is Hispanic, Hosac said.He told them “he just has a general distaste for protesters,” she said.
In the early 70's, a fellow Officer had to go to court in downtown Los Angeles.
The City Attorney subpoenas you to be there at 8:00 AM, but you have to sit through the cases in front of you.
A man was contesting the search of his car by a Los Angeles Police motorcycle rider.
His attorney alleged that the Officer had no "Probable Cause" to stop the man, charged with transporting and possesion for sale of drugs.
The Officer testified that he was westbound on Wilshire Bl. when he noticed the man driving eastbound, as the man neared and passed, he raised his middle finger to the Officer. The Officer executed a u-turn and stopped the man to ascertain what his hostility stemmed from. After stopping the man, an odor was noted of leaf marijuana, and a search turned up some "Bricks" in the back seat, convered with a blanket.
The judge then declared that this was no reason to stop the man, and elaborated that this was simply a gesture with no special meaning behind it, and dismissed the case.
The Officer then stood up, raised his mid-finger to the judge and said, " Have a nice day, your honor"
The judge exploded, and ordered the baliff to take the offcer into custody. At this point, the defendant's attorney rose and said, "Your Honor, you just got through saying it was a gesture meaning nothing". The Officer was released.

Federal. An arrestee's display of his middle finger in an upward gesture, commonly referred to as "flipping someone off," "the bird," or "giving someone the finger," did not constitute "fighting words" and, thus, was protected as free speech under the First Amendment in a civil rights action brought under 42 U.S.C. sec. 1983. The court ruled that the arresting police officer was not entitled to qualified immunity in the lawsuit. It said the arrestee-plaintiff's gesture was clearly established as protected free speech at the time when the officer issued a ticket to the arrestee for disorderly conduct.

"While we agree the gesture utilized by Nichols was crude, insensitive, offensive, and disturbing to Chacon's sensibilities, it was not obscene under the relevant Supreme Court precedent, did not constitute 'fighting words,' and was protected as 'free speech' under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. We also believe that this right was clearly established on August 6th of 1998 when Chacon arrested Nichols. Accordingly, we hold as a matter of law that Chacon is not entitled to qualified immunity and that his arrest of Nichols violated Nichols' First and Fourth Amendment rights."
So, here we go again.
IF it is done by a citizen, it is "Protected Speech".
IF it is done by an officer, it is cause for discipline.
So, in this case, you have a police sergeant, with 20 years of experience, who is going to be "Disciplined" for expressing his opinion of people here illegally, and who are advocating that U S Citizen Employers be given immunity for IlLEGALLY employing them.
Action should be taken on whom?