DesertExile: If they will do it to them.....

24 April 2006

If they will do it to them.....

This post will not be too long.

Today's topic was generated by the revelation that a member of the CIA's Inspector General's office was fired for giving away classified information.

To those who might try to cast this person as a heroine, THINK:

This person has sworn an oath, and has promised to hold secret that which is/was classified by superiors. This person made a conscious decision to reveal Classified Information to NEWSPAPERS. That is giving the information to everyone.

You should ask yourself: If this person will sell out this country, how can I trust her to defend my country.

This is the same as a person who is married, but choses to go outside of the marraige for sexual favors. Often, the person who is chosen as the external satifier should think: If he/she will do it to his wife/her husband, he/she will do it to me.

As Ross Perot declared that he would not retain in employment a person found to be having an extramarital affair, " If your wife can't trust you--I can't either".


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