DesertExile: January 2008

20 January 2008

The New Jews

The Jewish population has been the focal point of a lot of blame for all kinds of maladies, for 20 centuries.
A given reason was that they had crucified Christ, and this made them a little less than human.

In Medieval Europe, Jews were prohibited from owning property or businesses. So, they turned to handling money and making loans.

Since any venture has to be financed, they soon became suspect as making money at the expense of the country they lived in.

Adolph Hitler touted himself by telling the German people that the Jews had sold Germany out during World War I, in which he was an Army Corporal. He added another ingredient, Ethnic Cleansing, to further dehumanize them.

Business in the United States went from craftsmen who made needed goods to mass production.
Mass production introduced Big Business [BB]to us.

The goal of BB became to show a profit to the Stockholders. Two factors interfered with this goal: Unions and Government.

To counter these detriments, BB sent factories overseas. Another counter is the employing of Illegal Aliens. Since they are Illegal, Big Business can get away with paying them a third of what an American Worker must have to subsist .

However, in the process, Big Business is giving all the benefits of our country away. They are giving away our sovereignty, to get a better "Bottom Line"

In the case of the Jews, much was simply fantasy, but since Jews had been blamed for anything bad for two thousand years--it was easy. I the case of Big Business, the usual accusers are Liberal Democrats, accusing them of Greed.

Wit until some other groups who depend on Government assistance finds out Big Business gave theirs to Illegal Aliens.