DesertExile: May 2007

23 May 2007

Visible heroes, then and now

Born in New York City, the son of advertising executive Lamont Waltman Marvin and his wife Courtenay Washington Davidge,a fashion writer, Lee Marvin (his birth name, contrary to some sources) attended St. Leo Preparatory College in Saint Leo, Florida (now known as Saint Leo University) after being thrown out of several schools for bad behavior. He left school to join the U.S. 4th Marine Division, serving as a sniper. Marvin was wounded in action during the WWII battle of Saipan, eight months prior to the battle of Iwo Jima. Most of his platoon were killed during the battle. This had a significant effect on Marvin for the rest of his life.He was sent home with a medical discharge and a rank of PFC.

Penn's personal life began to attract media attention when he married pop star Madonna in 1985. The relationship was marred by violent outbursts against the press, including one incident for which he was arrested for beating a photographer. In the early days of their marriage, Madonna had said Penn was "the coolest guy in the universe." Later in the marriage, Penn was charged with felony domestic assault, a charge for which he pleaded to a misdemeanor. After a divorce in 1989, Penn started a relationship with Robin Wright, with whom he had two children, daughter Dylan Frances (1990) and son Hopper Jack (1993), before they married in 1996. They live in Ross, California. (On The Daily Show for January 18, 2007, Robin said she and Sean had been together "almost 20 years".)


So, Lee Marvin was a Marine [ You don't just "Show Up"--You have to earn your Eagle,Globe, and Anchor. In those days, the Drill Instructor could beat you half to death, and he would suffer no retribution] Marvin was involved in REAL LIFE WAR. He had "Been there".

Contrast that to this piece of human waste, Sean Penn. [Incidentally, if you are an ENTERTAINER , and you use that venue to knock our country, our military, or our Country folk, you will damned sure never get another cent of my money.]

Penn has not done a thing except PRETEND TO BE SOMEONE, and constantly make an ass of himself, and demonstrate he hates America.

The problem I see is that Hollywood thinks it can write a script for life. To them, life is something you act in and you can claim you did it because you pretended to be a ______(fill in the blank).

Washington DC is a lot like that. The only REAL person I know is Congressman Duncan Hunter.

Duncan Hunter went into the Army during Vietnam when people his age were thinking up frauds on how to avoid the draft, or beating feet into Canada. Duncan not only joined the Army, but he won a coveted position as a RANGER. He knew it would come--and he didn't run--and he was sent to Vietnam, and actually saw combat.

The rest of the pretender turds are mostly Anti-American. You check their voting records, and it looks like Anti-Life, PRO-ACLU, Anti-Family, PRO-ILLEGAL ALIEN, Anti-Religion, PRO-ATHIEST.

Again, like Hollywood denizens, they think they can write a script and events and life will fall into place, and we will live happily ever after.

Oh, yes, the current issues are: Support of the Troops ( Most of Congress has demonstrated that they are willing to let our Military be killed in Iraq by denying them weapons, pay , technology and supplies. Question their Patriotism... What Patriotism?)

ILLEGAL ALIENS. Congress IGNORES that IA's kill 1200Americans every month (What was that Soldiers killed last month in Iraq again?) They ignore the fact that the IA's IMPOSE their language and culture on US--the people who live out here in reality. They IGNORE the accounting figures that "Cheap Labor" costs us out here in Reality a couple of BILLION dollars every year. And how do they help us"? IN 2004, FOUR Agents from Temecula, California went out looking. In four days, they had collected 440 IA's. Did our Federal Government praise them? HELL NO! Congressman Joe BACA--DEMOCRAT..went to the head of the Border Patrol, applied pressure, and the collection not only ceased, but the Agents were "Restricted to Base".

21 May 2007

Promises, Promises

This morning, I called the Tucson office of Senator Jon Kyl, who has been pimping
" Immigration reform".
The call was answered by a pleasant staff worker named Matt. Matt was told that this "Immigration Reform" made me sick to my stomach.
Matt asked me what I found objectionable.
My chief objection, although I could have went on for four hours. was that for many entrants, they will have an exemption from background checks, which means no one checks to see if they have a Criminal History.
Matt launched into a laundry list of all the enforcement provisions, provisions for technical upgrades, and added manpower.
Matt was told: What good is it to put 5,000, 10,000, or a 100,000 new Border Patrol agents on the border if you show them that if they do their job, they will be prosecuted and sued. Matt asked how that was.
I told him, you have two Agents sitting in prison, and they did not know they had hit the man they shot at. The man they shot at was a drug smuggler, who--by his family's statement--never carried drugs unless he had a gun with him.
There are promises of all kinds of enforcement. BUT, you gauge predicted performance of past
results. The recent 7 years shows a serious lack of enforcement of EXISTING laws that call for criminal penalties.
Prove it? Carol Lam, fired federal prosecutor for Southern California, REFUSED to prosecute People Smugglers unless they had been apprehended TWELVE TIMES. Her claim to fame? She prosecuted Randy Cunnigham, who confessed--how hard is that?
So, the "Immigration Reform" is like the photo above. Yes, its a car--but where's the engine?

19 May 2007

Digging ditches for Farmer Jones

When I first started being a Highway Patrol Officer, I became aware of other officers that would stray "Off the Beat".
One night, we had an odd number of men (No women until four years later). The Sergeant paired up with me, as in the South Central Los Angeles Office, you paired up at sundown instead of at 2200 hours--10 PM to Civilians.
We are cruising the Firestone Area ( County of Los Angeles). We hear an officer running a plate, and he gives his location as 103rd and Central. That location was in the City of Los Angeles, where the Highway Patrol had traffic responsibilities on Freeway and County roads. The Firestone area is Unincorporated.
The Sergeant has me drive him to the Officer's location. He got out, had a conversation with the Officer, then returned.
After we drove away, he asks " What did you do growing up, I mean. like work"?
" I grew up on ranches and dairies".
"What did you do?"
" All kinds of things--ride after cattle,. milk cows, dig ditches..."
" O K... You only dug those ditches on your dairy or your ranch?"
" Well, you see, it is like you were hired to dig ditches for Farmer Jones. Farmer Smith is going by, sees you, and says" Hey-how would you like to come over to my place and dig a ditch out for me?" You say,"O K..who is going to pay me?" "Smith says " Farmer Jones is already paying you.
The Sergeant continued. "You see, the State of California hired you to work thier farm, and dig their ditch. The people of the City of Los Angeles already pay taxes toward the Los Angeles Police Department. So, essntially, if you go off your beat, you are doing work for Smith when Jones hired you and is paying you."
I'm sure you are sitting there, wondering.."Where is he going?"
1. The VOTERS hire representatives to go to Congress for them. If this were a true Democracy, every voter would vote on every Bill and issue.
2. The ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES are supposed to work for the majority of the people who voted for them.
3. It appears that they guys we hired are working for Farmer Smith (AKA Big Business, through their lobbyists)and Farmer Martinez ( Mexico, Central America, and the Illegal Aliens who snuck in here with their own agendas. And, don''t try to tell me " It's just work that Americans will not do")

15 May 2007

A Logical suggestion

The California Whack-job Liberal legislature has proposed a bill --AB 1634--to

mandate spaying /neutering every pet at four months. It puts every decision in the hands of local animal control. It is certain that rules will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and year to year. No one can live with that level of uncertainty.
recognizes only organizations in existence on October 1, 2007, which casts the dog and cat worlds in stone on that date.
Here is whack-jobs spin on mandatory neutering:
Each year, almost one million unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs are born in the state of California. Left unspayed and un-neutered, these animals propagate far beyond the capacity of local shelters, animal rescue groups and the community to accommodate them. Shelters are often forced to euthanize young and healthy animals to make room for more; puppies and kittens are euthanized at the highest rate, twice as many cats than dogs. The financial costs to taxpayers, and the emotional toll suffered by shelter employees and the communities who take care of these animals are extremely high. Local governments spend more than $250 million each year to intake, care for, and ultimately kill over half of California’s unwanted animals.
Legislation requiring spaying and neutering of cats and dogs is a reasonable, proven-effective and necessary means to greatly reduce the number of unwanted animals and the practice of euthanizing healthy adoptable animals in the state of California. For example, in 1995 the County of Santa Cruz implemented a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance in effort to reduce the high number of animals its shelters took in each year. By 2005, Santa Cruz County’s intake number had plummeted by 64%, from 14,000 to 5,000 animals, the majority of which were already spayed or neutered. The County realized significant improvements after only two years and its overall reduction is particularly notable since the County experienced a 15% human population growth during the same time period.
It is medically proven that cats and dogs which are spayed or neutered live longer and healthier lives. Early spaying and neutering is recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and advocated as “easier” to perform and “younger animals recover faster and with less pain.” Spaying and neutering also protects and improves the health and safety of California’s animals by reducing or eliminating a wide variety of health problems that are difficult and expensive to treat. The many health benefits include preventing unwanted pregnancies and devastating genetic conditions; reducing injury and death associated with aggressive behavior and the desire to stray; eliminating the risk and occurrence of cancer, tumors, cysts, hernias, infections and the development of other life-threatening diseases.
O. K.
The Bill is supposed to limit the nimber of cats and dogs.
To keep from having to neuter an animal, you will have to PROVE that it is either a Working Dog--Police K-9, or a show dog.
Let's extend that logic:

How about, when you are 18, you get neutered...Unless...
You can prove that you are a worthwhile citizen.
Proof would include:
...Enough funds in the bank to live on for life...OR
...Proof of Employment.
...A clear arrest drug arrest makes neutering mandatory.
...Ability to speak English.

12 May 2007

Two Ignored Facts


These IslamoFascists were on their way to killing Lord knows how many people... yet, mush brained American idiots still mouth the phrase" But, they are the religion of peace".

Fact #2. The Clinton Administration has this to come back and bite them in the ass.

The only person who has put it up as a reminder that Clinton ENCOURAGED Islamofascists instead of deterring them is Rush Limbaugh.

These homo/suicidal manics were brought here at American Taxpayer expense, not checked and allowed to live here.