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14 September 2007

They don't care about you....

In the 1950's, if you voted for a politician, you were certain that his intent was to make decisions and cast a vote for what was good for the majority of AMERICANS.

Not so, lately.

Decisions are made based on HOW MUCH MORE MONEY CAN I MAKE?


Near the Mexico Border in San Diego, sit outside a school. Watch who drops off kids. About 60% are cars with Baja Calif Plates. You would think the School administrators would be outraged. Nope--They don't care. Why? Because every kid in that school gets them more money. They just count the kids. Where they come from is "Don't ask-Don't tell".

In California, if you start a business, the Dept of Insurance watches. You must provide a Worker's Compensation Insurance Policy, which is VERY expensive. Worker's Comp Insurance is like your car insurance--Have a crash, and your premium goes up. Have a worker get hurt, and your premium goes up. Insurers never ask where a Claimant is from, unless it looks like a fraud claim. They don't care--as long as the Employer pays the premium. One adjuster, speaking of fraud, stated that unless fraud could be proven, payments were made. It was said "If in doubt--pay out".


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