DesertExile: There are people I know who won't hurt me

21 April 2006

There are people I know who won't hurt me

The rest of the Title quote is: I call them corpses. - Randy K. Milholland

The photo:
When the German Panzer divisions crossed the Polish border in 1939, they confronted an adversary which symbolized the end of the mounted soldier - or so they thought. Pathetically, the Polish Cavalry attempted to stall the invasion by charging the German tanks on horseback. To say the least, the valiant Poles were quickly overrun. Four years later the cavalry had a final say.

In the cold winter of 1943, on the steppes of the Ukraine, the German tanks were literally frozen in their tracks. Cossacks descended on the tanks, mounted on ponies which were descendants of the horses of the ancient Scythians, the first masters of cavalry.

The Cossacks swept over the frozen plain firing machine guns and throwing grenades into the German forces with deadly effect. The Cossacks fled on their swift horses before the astonished Germans had time to react.

The point of where this is going is that Superior Brute Force decides how people will behave. In the case of the Polish Cavalry, a hundred years before, they would have decided who won. They had been the Superior Force, but circumstances change.

This is a FACT that persons of the Liberal persuasion can not realize. Their limited view is: "If we talk, negotiate, do give and take---They will leave us alone."


Any person who has been a police officer or a soldier in combat knows that there are a great number of especially men, and some women, who would rather kill you than talk to you.

Illegal immigrants coming to the United States have nothing but contempt for U.S. law enforcers. Why? Because they know that:
You can not touch them. They know the rules, and know the only time you can do anything with them is if they refuse to follow directions afterarrest, or to put on or take off habndcuffs.
They KNOW that if you violate those rules, they have the business card of an ACLU type attorney, usually in Santa Ana, Calfornia, who will sue you and your department for "violating their civil rights".
You can only use deadly force in extreme situations.
Your superiors will not back you up. All they have todo is allege Racism, and they will be released.
Politicians will order police officials NOT to arrest or hold them.

A revealing experience for a Highway Patrol Officer was when he went to Mexico as a Liason Officer, working an auto theft case. The Policia in the town just across the Border held a suspect that had been a fugitive. This suspect was believed to have stolen somewhere between fifty and one hundred vehicles in the U.S., then taking them to Mexico.
The CHP Officer enters a room. The suspect is seated a table. The CHP Officer HAS TO read the suspect his Miranda Rights, as the suspect may be extradited to the U.S. The suspect essentially orders the officer to do something un-natural to himself, and spit at the officer.
The Station Commandante is summoned. The impasse is related. The Commandante takes out his Colt 45 auto, lays it on the table, barrel pointing at the suspect, and starts asking the suspect questions. Every time the suspect is slow in answering, the Commandante's finger tightens on the trigger. The suspect admitted thirty some thefts.

The same Officer is a citizen of the U.S, after he gained citizenship here. He was born in Mexico. He remembers that when he was a small child, a Mexican Police Officer attempted to stop his father. They were driving north, in Mexico, and just a few miles from the Border. The Police officer blew his whistle, which was the signal to stop. The Highway Patrol Officer's father believed that he would be arrested if he stopped. He accelerated. The Mexican Police Officer blew the whistle agin, and simultaneously started shooting through the back window of the car the future CHP Officer was in.

Personal experience tells me:
If you are pleasant and nice, those with little or no education believe that you are weak.
Certain knowledge of immediate impending pain gains compliance.

In history, the man we know as Count Dracula, was in fact known in his country as Vlad, the Impaler. Vlad KNEW that the Turkish Muslims were coming to conquor his city, then his country. Vlad had close knowledge of the Turks, and knew what they respected. When the Turks arrived in Romania at Vlad's city, they found twenty thousand of their countrymen, that had been sent ahead as spies, but had been posing as migrants or businessmen, mounted on stakes. The stake had been inserted through the rectum, and exited at the mouth. The sight of twenty thousand Turks impaled and on display convinced the Turks to return with haste to their own country. The obvious message was--If you lose, this is YOU!


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