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10 April 2006


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Meanwhile, I have this reaction: I AM PISSED OFF!
Why? We have univited people, who "broke in", and now demand everything we have.
An explanation is this: (From )
“If I break into your home uninvited, how long must I hide in your home before being awarded all the benefits of being a family member?�

As another put it so well, “imagine waking one morning to unexpectedly find a strange husband and wife and their three children sitting in your living room, watching your TV, reading your paper and eating your Cheerio’s from your dishes. Upon asking how they got there and what they are doing there, you are informed that you need to add them to your health insurance, provide them with a roof and meals while helping them seek employment and seeing to it that their children are properly enrolled in your children’s school.

On top of that, you are accused of stealing THEIR land, and being Racist Bigots. Bulls**T!
The Mexicans had their asses kicked repeatedly. After the Mexicans gave the Marines that line in their Marine Corps Hymn " From the Halls of Montezuma", they gave up a piece of their country. Hell, we conquored them. We should have kept the entire country, as the peaceful followers of Mohammed did to the entire Middle East, from North Africa clear to India.

I know I have been betrayed by all levels of Government which,since September 11, 2001 have told me that they are protecting me. Bulls**T! They get taxpayer money to pay some less than skilled person to stand there and make you take off your shoes.
Meanwhile, the Government WILL NOT expand the Border Patrol, and WILL NOT let the existing Agents do their job.

Yet, this same Government would put me in jail for not paying those taxes.

From history, I look for a response from Americans. The response I see is direct, violent action. Americans have learned from attorneys and criminal gangs how to dispatch someone, and never be in danger of being prosecuted.


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