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12 September 2007

It's a two-way street, dipstick!

It was interesting to watch congress persons and senators posture to please Code Pink,, and other assorted "Peace Advocates".
One of the Faustian characters was Rep. Tom Lantos, D-San Mateo, CA.
This old fool lambasted into General David Howell Petraeus like he was some errant Private First Class who was here to confess to a multitude of sins.
Lantos basically accused the General of being a liar--before he started his report.
Well, Mr Lantos--have I got a clue for you. It goes both ways.
You Democrats LOVE to spew hate, find fault, and profess to be understanding, accommodating, and compassionate. BULLSHIT.
If a person has virtues and values, you don't emulate him/her--You try to tear them down to your sewer-line position.
Any intelligent person can soon deduce that that is what in progress. That person then has a question: What are you lacking that makes you attack this person?"
After you tear into people, you who are supposed to be an ethical, compassionate, and tolerant Congrssman...Why do you wonder that your approval rate is 14% or below?


At September 18, 2007 8:08 PM, Anonymous linda said...

I couldn't believe what this old coot had to say to the general!


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