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22 September 2007

OUR little world

Cell industry crafts law to override text ban
Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services
Arizona’s cell phone industry was shaken up by Phoenix’s new law banning texting while driving and is crafting its own state law that could override local ordinances.
One state legislator called the industry’s proposal “completely disingenuous.”
Susan Bitter Smith, lobbyist for the Arizona Competitive Telecommunications Association, said the new Phoenix law unfairly targets cell phone texting by motorists as a cause of accidents.
That ordinance, which took effect this week, provides fines up to $100 for drivers who send or receive text messages on cell phones and other handheld devices while their vehicle is moving.The penalty is $250 if there is an accident.
The move came over the objections of the cellular industry, which earlier this year beat back a similar proposal by Rep. Steve Farley, D-Tucson, for a statewide ban on texting while driving.
Bitter Smith said attorneys are researching whether cities have the legal right to impose their own texting laws. But Bitter Smith said a simpler way to resolve the issue is a statewide law, one that covers all issues of distracted driving. She said that could include not just texting but other activities that can be dangerous, ranging from eating while behind the wheel to turning around to yell at the kids in the back seat.
Farley said Bitter Smith’s legislation is a sham.
A demonstration folks, about how people put themselves first, and the rest of the world be damned.
So you see, these selfish a-holes are willing to put everyone around their 3000 pound ride at risk.
Oh, yes, I bet they march for illegal aliens and those undergoing genoicide in Darfur


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