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04 April 2006

Accuse the apprehender

A couple of days ago, Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Radical Liberal from Georgia, elected by idiots to be their congresswoman, decided to blow by a Capitol Police Officer, without identifying herself.
The Officer apparently does not know who McKinney is, and tried to stop her and enforce the rule that "everyone [Except Congress persons] must go through the metal detector". McKinney struck the Officer with her fists when stopped.

ACCUSE the Apprehender:

In 1994, I was a CHP Officer working in the El Cajon CHP Office. On the way in to the Office one evening, I was passed by a pickup going 85 MPH on I-8 east. It took me about two miles to get the driver stopped. The driver got out, staggered back, and slurred," Whas the matta , Offisuh-?"

He was taken to downtown jail, and gave urine samples. According to the County Lab, his Blood Alcohol level was .18.

The man's family owns a large local business.

He hired a high profile attorney, who in turn brought in several "Experts". ( Police Officers call them "Liars for Hire)

On the stand, I was accused of several mistakes and "prejudicial efforts":

_--I gave the man sobriety tests, but did not test him for influence of marijuana.
[His blood had a high content of marijuana. He admitted on the stand that he smoked the night before, to relax and go to sleep]

There was a delay in testing the man. (yes, had to wait til his pickup was towed)

So, I formulated this abreviation: A L L S
When an Officer, or LEO, goes to court, this is what he/she is going to face. One, or all of these.

A= Arrogant. Includes rude, excessive force, prejudice, racism.

L=Lazy " Officer, if you had just worked a little harder, you would have found that me client was not the perpetrator" OR " Officer, you needed a statistic so you grabbed the first person who came by--my client".

L= Lying. "Officer, isn't it true that my client was driving straight, but in order to stop him, you concocted the story that he was weaving?".

S=Stupid. One defense attorny started off cross examination with" Officer, did you ever complete High School?"

You see, it is that tactic made popular in the 70's: When apprehended, accuse the apprehender of misconduct.

Oh, yes, the outcome of the trail? A hung Jury. ten voted to convict, two said they had that infamous "Reasonable Doubt".


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