DesertExile: Dining at Taco Bell

12 September 2007

Dining at Taco Bell

After a trip to my wife's doctor, we stopped at a pharmacy, dropped off prescriptions, and since they said it wouldn't be ready for at least thirty minutes and it was now 1730 hours ( 5:30 PM), we decided to look nearby for something to eat.
This is in cottonwood, Arizona, on Highway 89A, the main street of the town.
I had almost a distaste for Taco Bell. This came from going to Taco Bell franchises in California.
The places always had some part that was not clean, the attendants demonstrated that English was their second language, and the food was blah.
This Taco Bell in Cottonwood has obviously been there for some time. There are indications of age .
BUT--You get inside, and your whole outlook changes. The bathroom door doesn't have five coats of paint, and there isn't toilet paper and water on the floor in the bathroom. The counter man is Jay, a guy about 18. He speaks perfect English, and he was born here. He is very knowledgeable about what his store serves. My wife wants something tasty but not too spicy as she recently had session of chemotherapy. We place our order and sit down. Not too long passes and Jay calls our number.
The food is hot and is good. No Bland here.
As I sat there eating, a light came on in my mind:
1. For Jay, this was an entry job. I'm sure he will move on to college, and a more prestigious job.
For Hispanics (READ Illegal Aliens)who come here and want benefits but not to put out an effort, this would be their life's work.
2. Since the Hispanics make this their Life's Work, they are denying some young citizen an entry level job.


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