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21 May 2007

Promises, Promises

This morning, I called the Tucson office of Senator Jon Kyl, who has been pimping
" Immigration reform".
The call was answered by a pleasant staff worker named Matt. Matt was told that this "Immigration Reform" made me sick to my stomach.
Matt asked me what I found objectionable.
My chief objection, although I could have went on for four hours. was that for many entrants, they will have an exemption from background checks, which means no one checks to see if they have a Criminal History.
Matt launched into a laundry list of all the enforcement provisions, provisions for technical upgrades, and added manpower.
Matt was told: What good is it to put 5,000, 10,000, or a 100,000 new Border Patrol agents on the border if you show them that if they do their job, they will be prosecuted and sued. Matt asked how that was.
I told him, you have two Agents sitting in prison, and they did not know they had hit the man they shot at. The man they shot at was a drug smuggler, who--by his family's statement--never carried drugs unless he had a gun with him.
There are promises of all kinds of enforcement. BUT, you gauge predicted performance of past
results. The recent 7 years shows a serious lack of enforcement of EXISTING laws that call for criminal penalties.
Prove it? Carol Lam, fired federal prosecutor for Southern California, REFUSED to prosecute People Smugglers unless they had been apprehended TWELVE TIMES. Her claim to fame? She prosecuted Randy Cunnigham, who confessed--how hard is that?
So, the "Immigration Reform" is like the photo above. Yes, its a car--but where's the engine?


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