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15 May 2007

A Logical suggestion

The California Whack-job Liberal legislature has proposed a bill --AB 1634--to

mandate spaying /neutering every pet at four months. It puts every decision in the hands of local animal control. It is certain that rules will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction and year to year. No one can live with that level of uncertainty.
recognizes only organizations in existence on October 1, 2007, which casts the dog and cat worlds in stone on that date.
Here is whack-jobs spin on mandatory neutering:
Each year, almost one million unwanted and abandoned cats and dogs are born in the state of California. Left unspayed and un-neutered, these animals propagate far beyond the capacity of local shelters, animal rescue groups and the community to accommodate them. Shelters are often forced to euthanize young and healthy animals to make room for more; puppies and kittens are euthanized at the highest rate, twice as many cats than dogs. The financial costs to taxpayers, and the emotional toll suffered by shelter employees and the communities who take care of these animals are extremely high. Local governments spend more than $250 million each year to intake, care for, and ultimately kill over half of California’s unwanted animals.
Legislation requiring spaying and neutering of cats and dogs is a reasonable, proven-effective and necessary means to greatly reduce the number of unwanted animals and the practice of euthanizing healthy adoptable animals in the state of California. For example, in 1995 the County of Santa Cruz implemented a mandatory spay and neuter ordinance in effort to reduce the high number of animals its shelters took in each year. By 2005, Santa Cruz County’s intake number had plummeted by 64%, from 14,000 to 5,000 animals, the majority of which were already spayed or neutered. The County realized significant improvements after only two years and its overall reduction is particularly notable since the County experienced a 15% human population growth during the same time period.
It is medically proven that cats and dogs which are spayed or neutered live longer and healthier lives. Early spaying and neutering is recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association and advocated as “easier” to perform and “younger animals recover faster and with less pain.” Spaying and neutering also protects and improves the health and safety of California’s animals by reducing or eliminating a wide variety of health problems that are difficult and expensive to treat. The many health benefits include preventing unwanted pregnancies and devastating genetic conditions; reducing injury and death associated with aggressive behavior and the desire to stray; eliminating the risk and occurrence of cancer, tumors, cysts, hernias, infections and the development of other life-threatening diseases.
O. K.
The Bill is supposed to limit the nimber of cats and dogs.
To keep from having to neuter an animal, you will have to PROVE that it is either a Working Dog--Police K-9, or a show dog.
Let's extend that logic:

How about, when you are 18, you get neutered...Unless...
You can prove that you are a worthwhile citizen.
Proof would include:
...Enough funds in the bank to live on for life...OR
...Proof of Employment.
...A clear arrest drug arrest makes neutering mandatory.
...Ability to speak English.


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