DesertExile: If we say they are O K--Why don't we.......

30 March 2006

If we say they are O K--Why don't we.......

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Phony ID from apprehended offenders.

If we allow Illegals all PRIVILEGES of a U.S Citizen (Notice, I said PRIVILEGES. Not RIGHTS. Our glorious Supreme Court says they have "Rights". )

Why should you ask your dentist if he graduated from Dental School? Aren't these people just proclaiming themselves Citizens?

Why should you question a law enforcement officer if he has been certified by the Peace officer Standards and training Commission? These people want all the Perks that go with Citizenship. No stinking tests, no learning English.

Why shouldn't you just go to your city hall, County Admin building, or State Capitol, and refuse to move until they fully fund YOUR life style. Isn't this what the Illegals are demanding?


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