DesertExile: Ponderings on Parasites

25 March 2006

Ponderings on Parasites

20,000 march in Phoenix; largest in city's history...(link)

Why? Because Congress may, for once, do something remedial. One authority says we have 10 million or more Illegal Aliens in the US.

First, as a State Law Enforcement Officer, I was limited as to what I could do. I could not arrest them for being illegally here, becuase it is a Federal Civil Offense. All the Feds could do was to "Catch and Deport". The law being considered by Congress would make it a Felony to Invade.

Second, Illegals have nothing but contempt for US law enforcers. Why? Because of groups like the ACLU, touching an illegal can be violating their Civil Rights. Illegals kicked out windshields on my patrol car, stomped radios to compete damage, spit on me, and urinated while sitting the front seat. They think that because you try to treat them like human beings that you are dealing from a position of weakness--which you are. Both criminal and civil law keep you from using almost any force. In Mexico, or their home latin American country, they could be shot be the authorities, and there is no action available against these authorities.

How did they get these "Rights"? U S Supreme Court awarded them, in a judicial decision.

They come here, and invade neighborhoods like cockroaches.
The Federal authorities refuse to do anything because Top Officials in Washington DC put out an order that if they were more than 50 miles from the Mexico-US border, they were not to be touched. Last summer, in Ontario, Rialto, and San Bernardino, a Border Patrol unit collected 400+ Illegals in FOUR DAYS! Anybody give them an "Atta-boy"? HELL NO. US Congressman Baca descended on top Homeland Security Officials and DEMANDED that his constituents not be "harassed".
The neighborhood soon looks like Tijuana, with junkie cars in the front, live chikens being raised beside the house, and gang graffitti. You think:"There are several city codees being violated. Why doesn't the City enforce them?" Why? Because: a. City fathers expect Illegals to vote--for them. b. The City does not want be considered as "racist".

The same holds true about getting welfare benefits and Worker's Compensation. Their "web" tells them that they can make a Claim, and good old State of California and Uncle Sucker will not do anything to them for leeching off the taxpayers. Getting these benefits requires documents. Most "Webs" have a go to person to buy your forged documents, If you have to, spontaneously make up a name and a Social Security Number, as it is acceptable to lie to a Gringo or Norte Americano.

You wonder why more and more Republicans are not sympathizing, trusting, or believing George W. Bush. This is why. His administration's BIG thing is Homeland Security. But, any Juan, Julio, or Akmed can walk across the border, and if they get inland, not be bothered.

A recent item passed on the Internet states:
Try This!
Go to Mexico, and take up residence ( You will be arrested for IllegalEntry, and forfeit all your immediate possessions)
Fly the US flag, and claim "Its a Cultural Thing!"
Apply for free medical care (there is none)
Apply for benefits-ditto.


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