DesertExile: Firemen:Legends in their own minds

30 March 2006

Firemen:Legends in their own minds

Six-figure salaries soar in city work force

Most people regard fireman as fearless heroes, ready to climb heights, and dash into raging fires to save lives. BS!

Firefighters Accused of Ignoring Blaze,1,4937417.story?coll=la-headlines-pe-california

This is what can happen to you if you aren't in their Union.

From my observations, as a former law enforcement officer, Firemen of this generation bleed taxpayers. They are self-absorbed, nacissitic, and ignore rules. The picture above is the self-image most of these firemen have of themselves.

Yes, they earn $100,000 PLUS from their employer, and then, they have second jobs and businesses. One fireman, with his Union sticker--(get out of jail free pass, they think) on his back window, was towing a loaded trailer to his next carpet laying job at 85 miles an hour. Another was using his four days off to take his blond girlfriend to Mexico in his Corvette at 110 MPH. He first stated that he was not going to take this ticket as he wasn't going that fast. [He didn't have a clue--he had been totally involved in conversing with the blond]

You see their illegally lowered vehicles, with illegal tint on the windows and altered exhausts racing down the freeway, with their get out of jail Union sticker on the back window. The message is from Homer Simpson" Get outta my way--I'm a Hero!".


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