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27 March 2006

Criminals defending their pass to be criminals

The best writing that I have found that fits my outlook is the one that follows. Previously, I wrote of my negative contacts with Illegal Aliens.

Are Illegal Aliens a Privileged Class?
By David J. Stoddard
I challenge any of you to take an unregistered, unlicensed, uninsured automobile onto our highways. Do something stupid like change lanes without signaling in front of one of our state cops.

Now, let's really make it interesting. Drive on the highway in an unlicensed automobile with no insurance and no driver's license and no identification.

See how fast you end up with your vehicle confiscated, and a stack of citations that would make IRS forms seem like child's play. (You may even in up in jail.)

Do you think everybody on our highways is treated equally? Wrong!

Illegal aliens, even without any form of identification, are merely cited and released, if they are cited at all. Cops are reluctant to cite illegal aliens. If the alien doesn't show up to court, the state has to serve a warrant. Cops are loath to attempt to serve a warrant on Jose Rodriguez who was Javier Madrigal in Acapulco yesterday and will be Jaime Garcia in Chicago tomorrow. citation, just a wink and a nod or at worst get issued citations with the privilege of continuing on down the highway in an unlicensed vehicle, driven by an unlicensed driver with no insurance.

A few years ago there was a big stink sent up by Mexico because Port officials where checking Mexicans at the Ports for seat belts and Arizona Automobile insurance. The practice stopped. Now, if you are so unfortunate as to get into an accident with a car bearing Mexican license plates you most likely will need your uninsured motorist coverage on your own insurance and the other driver will be cited and released never to be seen until you appear in a civil court having to prove that you are not at fault and that you don't have to pay his disability payments for the rest of his life.

How would you like to finance a home? You will need to fill out numerous forms listing your social security number; present and past addresses and a myriad of otherwise private and personal data before you will even be CONSIDERED for a mortgage.

Now the Federal Government is behind an effort to assure that "migrants" are able to buy homes even if they have no credit history and are able to present ONLY a Taxpayer Identification number. Never mind that they are here illegally and should be deported. TIN's are issued upon request. IRS cares not about the origin of the applicant, nor is any background check performed. nor does IRS care whether the correct name has been given. Our senior citizens and native-born poverty-stricken are denied housing and financing while foreigners who sneaked into this country are given privileges.

Do you live in a nice neighborhood? Do you keep your yard well? Did you buy your home because the neighborhood is clean and the neighbors well behaved? Did you have a reasonable expectation that your property would appreciate or at least retain its value?

In San Rafael, California, there was a ordinance that prohibited junk cars in residential neighborhoods. Illegal aliens love old cars. If the alien is in an accident, he can just bail out and leave the car. If, for some reason, the car is confiscated, it is no big loss. If the illegal alien can drive the car until it no longer runs, the car is still good. Parts can be removed from the old car and it is still good. It is better if it is unregistered. It is better yet if it is still registered to a former owner two or three owners removed. The old car can be used to store anything. If nobody knows who owns it, the car can be used to store dope, guns, food stamps, stolen goods and whatever will fit into it. There are no rental fees or storage charges. Illegal aliens had the perfect deniability.

San Rafael did not enforce its ordinance against "abandoned" cars until residents began to complain. When the city began to crack down on the old cars on city streets, the illegal alien advocates complained. They said it was "racist". They said it was a "cultural" thing that is perfectly alright. The illegal alien cheerleaders won. The city fathers backed down. The illegal aliens won. The neighborhoods look like junkyards, but nobody wants to be a "racist".

The city of Costa Mesa, California has an ordinance against farm animals kept in the city. Illegal aliens are keeping goats, chickens and no doubt other animals in their back yards. On weekends loud Mexican music echo through the neighborhoods while goats are slaughtered in back yards. Clothes hang on fences in front yards. Corn grows on former lawns. Garages have been converted into apartments without bathrooms or kitchens. One and two bedroom apartments hold three or more families. But, hey! Let's not enforce any of those "racist" ordinances or require any of those "Anglo conceived" permits. After all, we must practice "cultural relativity". We must adapt to the mores, culture and politics of those sneaking across our borders or we are "intolerant", "xenophobes" and "not good global citizens".
I dare you to open a church in your home. Hang a sign out advertising Sunday services. I dare you to open a small business in your garage. Either endeavor will bring you citations, orders to cease and desist and fines. Government thugs will visit you to see if you have the proper "business license and zoning". But, if you are an illegal alien, you can park a junk car in front of your apartment to use as storage for illegal drugs and guns.

You can pack a family of 10 into your garage and charge them rent. You can raise a goat in your backyard.

The City of Los Angeles likes to set up "roadblocks" to check motorists for insurance and driver licenses. But, these roadblocks must not be set up before 10PM. Too many illegal aliens driving home from work were being inconvenienced between 4PM and 7PM.
What if you have a sudden illness? You go to the nearest emergency room and if you are fortunate enough to have a good friend or a family member with you, your financial history, assets, insurance card, social security number and other information is taken by a hospital worker while your insurance company is consulted to see if they will pay the costs. If you are uninsured or the insurance won't pay for certain treatment. You may still get the treatment you need if you take out a loan or make a deal with the hospital to put up your assets as collateral.

If you are an illegal alien, you don't even have to give your correct name. You will get all the treatment you need. You will get follow-up care and medication at no cost to you. Hospital personnel won't even notify the Border Patrol. The medical community will give you first class service, while a senior citizen waiting in the lobby has to choose between food and medication. The hospital will even fly the illegal alien to another facility while the U.S. citizen whose insurance won't pay has to find alternative transportation. (This happened to me a few years ago. I showed up at Sierra Vista Community Hospital with severe chest pain. After many tests the doctors found that my left lung was filled with blood. They agreed that I had a pulmonary embolism and should be evacuated to Tucson. However, for some reason unknown to me to this day, I had to get to Tucson on my own. My wife drove me to Dorado Hospital in Tucson where I remained for 10 days. On the way to Tucson I was coughing up blood and every bump in the road felt like I was getting kicked in the chest. Had I been an illegal alien, I would have been flown in a helicopter.)

I became aware a few years ago of an incident in Phoenix in which several illegal aliens were discovered walking across a vacant lot at night carrying AK-47's. The Phoenix P.D. called INS which didn't respond. The police officers released the aliens with the AK-47's because nobody could determine alienage and the AK-47's were not reported stolen. It is a violation of federal law for an illegal alien to buy or be in the possession of a firearm. (ANY kind of firearm.) If the aliens were Egyptians, Kosovars or even Canadians, they would have been interviewed and detained by I&NS. But, they were Mexicans. Everybody knows that Mexicans are just looking for a better life. So..they were released and presumably are still in Phoenix with their AK-47's.

Every night armed Mexicans cross our borders with dope and sometimes fully automatic weapons. Most of the time, these armed smugglers cross public land. Do you ever hear of BLM or Forest Service Treehugger Rangers arresting them for carrying a weapon on federal land? Do these treehuggers even try to detect and arrest armed foreigners on public lands? (That's rhetorical. In my 30 years of government service, I've never known of a case in which Cactus Cops, Treehuggers, or Fish Petters have arrested anyone except U.S. Citizens on public land with a firearm. In every case, that I know, of a U.S. Citizen being arrested on public land with a firearm, the "violation" was either accidental or committed in ignorance of the zealous way in which our green police protect the public.)

What happened to the 2nd Amendment? Chris Simcox had a CCW. As I understand it, the weapon he had was in a holster in plain sight, although he could have carried it concealed if he wanted.
Chris was taken down at gunpoint like a common criminal and charged with several violations, among them being on public land without a "special use" permit. I own the public land. You own the public land. It is legal to walk down the streets of Sierra Vista with a .38 strapped to your hip. Yet, if you set foot onto "public" land where armed traffickers, bandits and other thugs are known to frequent, (and operate with de-facto impunity), you can be arrested for having the means to protect yourself as per your Constitutional right.

Additionally, I defy you to go onto BLM or Forest Service land. (Be sure to go during daylight hours so you won't encounter any of the privileged class with packages of white powder.) Do something really crass like empty your ashtray in the parking lot or throw out some bubble gum wrappers. Some clown wearing a tan and green uniform and a puny little badge will come UNGLUED. You will have committed the unpardonable sin.

But, while you are on that "public" land, take a look around at the papers, feces, clothing, empty bottles and other debris left behind by illegal aliens. When was the last time you heard of an illegal alien being punished for creating an environmental disaster on OUR public land that is so zealously guarded against you, me and those dastardly radicals who actually want to carry a handgun while enjoying the great outdoors?

When was the last time one of our great politicians lodged a complaint with the Government of Mexico about Mexicans turning our public lands one of the greatest hazardous waste dumps in this century? When was the last time you heard the Mexican Government complain to the U.S. Government about U.S. Citizens carrying guns onto OUR public property? Let me see. Was it yesterday? The day before?

Are you a property owner? Do you have valuable equipment on your property? Do you have a diamond in your house? If Fred Barnes tried to break into your house, you could intercept him and hold him at gunpoint until police arrive. Burglary is a felony. Fred having committed felony in your presence entitles you to make a citizen's arrest of Fred Barnes and detain him for the real cops. You may not beat up on Fred Barnes but you may "use the amount of force necessary to make the arrest". If you encountered Fred before he has had an opportunity to burglarize, you could order him to leave your property and if he refuses, he has committed a criminal trespass, a felony. Theoretically, since criminal trespass is a felony, you could still make a legal citizen's arrest under Arizona State Law.

However, take the identical set of circumstances above and change the name to Jose Pacheco-Medina who sneaked into the United States last night. If you detain Mr. Pacheco, or if you prevent him from leaving or touch him in any way, you could be opening yourself up to criminal charges for Threatening, Kidnapping, Assault, Intimidating or practically any other asinine charge the liberals can think of. For certain, you will be reported to the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Mexican Consul. The Mexican Consul will demand criminal charges against you and will turn the case over to a civil attorney who will file a civil case on you. If you don't win, you will still be bankrupt and wishing you had just let the Mexican have whatever he wanted.

Do you have a dependant wanting to attend college? You can send the "child" wherever you want. If it is at an institution in Arizona, you will likely have the privilege of paying "in-state" tuition. If the college is in another state, you certainly will pay "out-of-state" tuition. However, the child of an illegal alien, who is an alien himself, can get a break in many states and pay as if he or she is a legal resident of that state. However, your child who was born and raised in the United States, and you, who may have served in the U.S. military, paid taxes all your life, has tremendous equities and by any definition is a stakeholder in America, will pay the higher tuition rate in another state than someone who isn't even entitled to live and remain here.

When I was a teenager, I worked in a grocery store. To do so, I had to go to the County Health Department and get issued a "Food Handler's Card". I didn't actually prepare any food for anybody. I just stacked cans and boxed groceries.
When was the last time you ate in a restaurant? If you were away from the border area, you likely ate food that was prepared by an illegal alien. You ate from dishes likely washed by an illegal alien. Do you think they actually pay attention to the sign in the bathroom that says, "Lave las manos despues de usar el bano"? Do you think the County Health Department inspected the illegal alien kitchen help for T.B.? Intestinal parasites? Hepatitis? Chagas Disease? Do you think the illegal alien who likely came from an ejido with an outdoor privy has accustomed himself to actually washing his hands after using the toilet? Next time you go to Tucson or Phoenix, or even in Sierra Vista and decide to eat in a restaurant, please enjoy your salad.

Are illegal aliens a protected class? It appears so. No longer is there a benefit for being a U.S. citizen. Illegal aliens, particularly illegal Mexican aliens, can have all the benefits of being a U.S. citizen without even being a legal resident. They can even vote very easily and without consequence.

Speaking of being a legal resident, why bother going through all the paperwork and hassle of getting an immigrant visa? Just sneak across the border, get free medical treatment, free education for your kid, the U.S. government will give you the means of purchasing a home of your own, the State will give you benefits that have been set aside for our senior citizens and poverty stricken, the cops won't hassle you and the U.S. government won't bother to kick you out. Even if you are insane, disease ridden, criminal, unable to support yourself and want to "reconquer" this land for Mexico. Jim Kolbe will make it impossible for you to be arrested and deported. If he can't do it by crippling the Border Patrol's enforcement efforts, he will do it by making you a "guestworker" who never has to go home and who can bring in his entire family.

Is this a good country or what?

Are illegal Mexican Aliens a protected species in the United States?
You decide!

Response from Bonnie Eggle
Excellent comparisons, David. Each of your pointed facts make perfect sense.Even though we are a good country, and have the best form of government, there is still so much lacking that used to be part of our legal system. Now we have the victimology theories than run rampant. The regular folks pay for all the other people's problems, including the illegal alien problems. For them it is a win-win situation; for us it is a lose-lose situation.Thanks for your thoughtful insights. I will be sending this on to many email friends for their perusal and opinions. I agree with you that our country is in "deep trouble" because rights are supposedly now given to anyone who crosses the border, legally or illegally.When we were growing up it was our right as Americans to benefit from our form of government. No one automatically earns that right. If they want to become American citizens the legal way, the correct way, than we welcome them as immigrants waiting to be processed in the correct manner. When they work toward it, respect it, and earn it the legal way, then they too can claim the rights of being American citizens. The illegals are not justified in demanding rights just because they are here and neither should our politicians do so for them. What a travesty to our Bill of Rights and our Constitution of the United States of American. It is also a travesty to all the men and women who have sacrificed their lives to keep our country free so we, the legal citizens, can still have these rights. My son Kris was one of those sacrificed to keep the drugs, weapons,lawbreakers, and criminals out of our country. I REFUSE to allow his death to be in vain - what a callous slam against his blood and the spilled blood of all those who have been martyred before him and after him.Bonnie Eggle, Kris' mom (how many more have to die before we wake up and demand our rights once again?) []


At March 27, 2006 5:02 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

What can american citizens do about illegal aliens when most are like me and barely making enough money to feed myself?

At April 30, 2006 8:45 AM, Anonymous SevenT said...

To Anonymous... what can you do?

We might not earn much individually, but collectively we ARE the country. We can decide where we bank, where we shop, and where we spend our money.

Collectively, each small meagre salary contributes to the economic structure of the US in a way that outweighs the illegals by 1000 to 1 and more.

And, more to the political point - let the politicians chase the "Mexican" vote. If they don't start to read the writing that you and I, and all the small insignificant seeming citizens are putting on the wall right now, they will lose the "American" vote, and then they will have lost everything.

To you and every other small man out there - don't give up. In your own small way make your own stand. In a few short weeks that kind of a move will echo and resound through the nation with a voice louder and stronger than anything that anyone could ever have believed possible.

Remember the flags in the days following September 11.

That my friend is the true power of a free nation and people.


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