DesertExile: Why do they do that?

25 March 2006

Why do they do that?

I have wondered why the Radical and Liberal Democrats unswervingly support the Islamo-Fascists and unceasingly denigrate and deride our troops.

Let's go back in history to Vlad the Impaler, AKA Count Dracula. Everything you have been told paints him as a vampire, sucking blood from hapless citizens.
But, Vlad was an enemy of Islam.

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Turks as such were Turkish-speaking Sunni-Muslims."
During the 14th Century, their hordes began to move westward, gulping down at first only small states within the Eastern World, those belonging to other nomadic peoples. Spreading out, they soon infiltrated Western borders, seizing Bulgarian lands and penetrating the corps of the Holy Roman Empire. By the time of Dracula's birth, in the winter of 1431, the Ottomans ruled a vast territory that stretched from the Occidental East to the corners of Western Europe. Their first inroad into accessing Europe was none other than Romania.
Plans to make further ingress, however, would be thwarted. Often inflicting unspeakable terrors on the inhabitants of their conquered countries, a strategy to make even the bravest Catholic knight wobble in his armor, the Turks were in for a shock of their own.Of course, in 1431 they could not have foreseen their encountering a quarter-century later of a certain Romanian named Dracula who would outride, outthink, outsmart and outfrighten them – right out of their sandals.

Frustrated and angered by his army's setback, Sultan Murad called several top-ranking Europeans, including the Dragon, to Turkish Gallipoli for a parley. No one but the Dragon answered the summons. He took with him his two sons, 13-year-old Dracula and nine-year-old Radu, believing it to be strictly a call under truce. When he entered the sultan's salon, he and his sons were promptly arrested.
Held captive for days, the prince was finally released under conditions set forth by the Turkish court:
that he swear by both the Bible and the Koran to avoid the engendering of further hostilities;
that he deposit 10,000 ducats in the sultan's treasury; and,
insuring he is a man of his word, that he leave his two sons as hostages in Turkey for an indefinite period of time. The Dragon reluctantly consented.
It was not the first time that the Turks pressed into service youths wrested from European nobility. As a body, these captives were placed in what was called the Janissary Corps. The scholastic Turkey: A Country Study, explains: "Expeditions were regularly organized to collect a tribute of Christian boys from the Balkan provinces. Those taken became Muslims and underwent training that instilled in them a corporate identity. These 'slaves of the state' were...prepared for admission into the Ottoman ruling class...where they engaged in Islamic studies, learned Persian and Arabic, and received advanced military training."
But, all these had inflicted physical harm to the Ottomans. And since when had physical pain and suffering stopped the Turks? Dracula knew from experience that only one thing would cause them to stop in their tracks, to hesitate, to maybe abandon their mission. And that was to throw open the gates of Hell before their eyes in all its putrescence. To attack them where it stung most. In their imagination.
For years, the Wallachian had been capturing Turkish soldiers and spies, wisely keeping them on hold as a bartering mechanism. His dungeons at Tirgoviste, at his castle and at other outposts amid the Carpathians bulged with them, some 20,000 captives. Now, with the defeat of Wallachia a possibility, Dracula decided that he had nothing to lose, all to gain. He went for the tool that worked before, to cut deep into the psychological edge.
When the Turks arrived outside the walls of Tirgoviste, they paused. And they trembled. Some wept. Many vomited. Encircling the town were the bodies of their very own comrades, 20,000 of them, their long locks and robes fluttering in the breeze, their eyes staring vacantly down, their mouths emitting the sharpened point of a spike hammered up their backsides. There was no sound from inside the enemy's walls, no movement from within. But, the volley of silence was deafening.The Turks buckled their steeds, reigned and bolted for the Danube. Cries of "Allah, protect us!" on their lips, they dashed from the devil whom they couldn’t defeat.

The first guy to scare the crap out of Islamo-Fascists.

Let us fast forward to 1900. Motor cars had just been invented. To power them, one needed a liquid fuel. Gasoline came into being, and pritive oil companies sprung up. One of the largest finds, a seemingly unending supply, was found in the Mideast.

Oh, yes, that mideast. Controlled by Islamo-Fascists. Being traders since recorded history started, they made deals for their oil with civilized nations. And the dollars, pounds, and francs flowed in.

To keep their oil going out and the money coming in, thesuppliers in Saudi Arabia, i.e. the royal family, has been known to "contribute" to established leaders in " The Civilized World".
GOAL: Keep the demand in place.

Now, lets look at what Democrats have as demonstrated history in their positions:
Against Offshore drilling--to save the environment, don't you know.
Drilling in Anwar--Ditto as above
Hybrid cars. Yes, to keep from producing "green house gases". BUT--the energy has to come from somewhere. Most often, it is from oil, producing electricty to charge up the Hybrids.

All this tells me that, in all probability, the Democrats are taking money from the Saudis. The Dems get the money, and the deamnd for Mideast oil continues. Additionally, 19 of the 9-11 hijackers were from Saudi. The Wahabi ism originated in Saudi. To speak out against Islamo-Fascists would offend the Saudis.


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