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22 March 2006

Pro-active Discipline

Yesterday, George Bush held a press conference.

The thing that encouraged me was the appearance that President Bush was "telling them how the cow ate the cabbage", and old phrase meaning an explanation of "The Rules", and how they were to be followed.

I watched the verbal exchange live on FOX news.
The President shut Helen Thomas off. He came very close to saying " Oh, Bulls--t!"

A reporter asked him about "Violence in Iraq". The President explained that:
--the thugs who are trying to keep Iraq as a dictatorship are doing it by cowardly bombing.
--the thugs COUNT ON the news to put the video on their evening news, which tends to demoralize folks here at home, and as a foreseeable result, the troops trying to bring order in Iraq.

The President declared that Democrats are against Security. He told of Democratic Sentor Harry Reid, Senate Democrat Leader, bragging that " We just killed the Patriot Act".

People want discipline. They want the Rules to be there, and they want them enforced. One of the most demoralizing things I've witnessed is a softening of the Rules, and no penalty for some who break the Rules because the Superior DOES NOT WISH A CONFLICT!

An additional demoralizing slam psychologically is the existance of EXEMPT persons and Groups.

In the agency I worked for, it became a career killer to have a EEO complaint lodged agaianst you by a female. In many cases, a female would have some disciplined for a transgression. She would retaliate by filing an EEO Complaint. The disciplining superior would have the Complaint placed in his (never a Female superior) personnel file, which would kill any chance at promotion.

One of the aspects about Illegal Immigration is that these Illegals move into a neighborhood. The neighborhood starts to look like the neighborhood they left in Mexico. There are some GLARING violations of city and/or County Codes. You thing anyonme is going to write a citation to these people? About a day after Hell frezes over.
First, they don't want to lose one Hispanic vote and
Two, they do not want to be called Racist.


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