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09 June 2006

Leaving California

My family has moved to a town in Arizona that is above to 5, 000 foot elevation level.

We are gone from California.

1. Costs and prices keep going up. Include in costs TAXES.
All politicians try to tell you that they are there to help ( Themselves , by experience and observation). We had a major fire in 2003. God smiled on us as none of our buildings or vehicles burned. Yet, the homeowner's insurance jumped from $1100 to per year $6500.
When I complained about the increase, the Dept. of Insurance wrote back, said that "You have no fire department, the rise is justified, and you are lucky you can get insurance".

2. Related to #1. ILLEGAL ALIENS. If you think that Illegals are not affecting you, you are seriously deluded.
In the San Diego Area, there are left THREE trauma centers. Three for about two million people. Why? If you have a trauma center, you have to treat all comers, regardless how small their complaint is. You KNOW these ILLEGALS will NOT pay their bill. They will give a phony name and address and be " in the wind".
A second aspect is that both wealthy and cheap businesspeople will use these ILLEGALS to cut their costs. Who makes up the difference? You do.
California govenments of all levels can not do enough to kiss the Illegal's asses. Many laws are intentionally NOT enforced on ILLEGALS. Yet, ILLEGALS can milk the benefits system, and sue YOU for any slight you do to them. Parasite lawyers, usually based in Santa Ana are willing, ready, and able to make your life an economic Hell.

3. The stranglehold on every social aspect by Liberals.
We can not notify parents of the intent of a minor to have an abortion. but we can promote the climate where minors get pregnant.
We can not pay for tuition for military but we will pay for ILLEGAL's tuition.
And NO Politician has the guts to say:" You are not a citizen, pound sand".

4. Though the State is Liberal, some act like Republicans. For instance, John Moores, owner of the Padres ball team, lives in Rancho Santa Fe. He is a stone cold Lib, who had Jimmy Carter throw out the first pitch last year. He flies the Mexican Flag at the same height of the US Flag at the ballpark.
Yet, the new ballpark is only a scheme to make more money. He got a huge chunk of land around the ballpark in order to build it. Moores put it next to the Convention Center, away from parking. Locals have to either take the trolley to get there, or pay Ace Auto Parks (Reliable contributor to San Diego City elction campaigns) $12 to park while watching the game.
Then, 14 story Condos rose up next to the ballpark, selling at $600,000 for a 1400 Sq. Ft. Condo. Meanwhile, homeless and Chicanos who had lived in the area were now the focus of police attention, who urged them to find shelter elsewhere.
Alex Spanos, wealthy Republican, acts like a Lib. He owns the Chargers. He wants San Diego City or County ( The TAXPAYES) to PAY for a new stadium. Who does he hire to get this done? Mark Fabiani, Clinton and GORE attorney, who tried to take the 2000 election for Gore.

In this same category, you have companies that build huge developments, but DO NOT build adequate sewers or roads. Freeways are jammed every morning and evening, and one erratic fool driver can bring things to a halt. SANDAG, (San Diego Area Association of Governments-on which Mexico is given a vote) gets tax money for roads. What do they build? Bike Lanes and Bike Paths. Trolley lines at a BILLION dollars that are not compatible with the older section of the trolley line.

What have I come to?

Yes, Arizona has a Liberal for a Governor--for now. Napolitano's claim to fame was that she was Anita Hill's attorney during the Clarence Thomas Hearings ( If that wasn't slander and defamation, I'll kiss your__)
BUT-the citizens of Arizona are on the warpath. They passed Prop 200. They are the first stop for the Minutemen, who our delusional President called " Vigilantes".
They get roads built-fast. In five years three major freway systems have been built.
And I'm going to be here to vote with them, and vote McCain out of office.


At June 09, 2006 9:21 PM, Blogger dyzgoneby said...

Please take me with you. I so wish we could leave Cali behind us.

I hope you and your wife enjoy your new home.


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