DesertExile: Perception and Myth

17 May 2006

Perception and Myth

The picture is The “PROTECTOR� is a dramatic and visible symbol of law enforcement at it’s best. Imagine the positive image located at the Hamilton, Ohio Police Department, 331 S. Front St.— for a memorial of officers killed in the line of duty.

If you are a today Police Officer, you had better show about as much emotion as that statue does.

You will be assailed for being cold and unfeeling, not just by the public, but by your non-police contacts and probably your spouse and family. But, you have to do your job and let nothing be shown on your face, in your words, or in your body language. This exterior tends to become permanent. You will not give people a clue as to how you think or feel about anything.

If not, the public will accuse you of "Only doing it 'cause I ticked you off".

If you show some shock, or an indication of being stunned by some gory details, your superors will put you in the "Unreliable" category. If you apprehend the suspect, and show some emotion, you can bet he/she will claim "excessive force" because you found their actions revolting.

And, you better not show a sense of humor or smile. One Officer I knew was accused of saying," Have a nice day" and smiling. The traffic violator declared that she said it in a sarcastic manner. She was asked if she had said " have a nice day', and she replied yes. The Complaint was put in her file.
Another officer was accused of "Having a sarcastic smirk " on her face.


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