DesertExile: How I view Vicente Fox-various thoughts

16 May 2006

How I view Vicente Fox-various thoughts

Floods of refugees crossed the Florida Strait in 1980 during the six-month Mariel Boat Lift, when Fidel Castro temporarily lifted restrictions preventing his people from leaving their Caribbean homeland.
More than 125,000 people left Cuba; among them the "undesirables"--people from the nation's prisons and insane asylums--but also many law-abiding, mentally healthy "Marielitos" who continue to suffer the stigma associated with the exodus.

So, Castro took a "dump" and sent all his criminals and insane people to the US.Exactly what Vicente Fox is doing. It is the same as if he hung his butt over the Border and took a dump.

For the last two years, the Peace-niks have been declaring that US Armed Forces in Iraq qwere "Occupiers" and that the "Insurgents were just "Freedom fighters".

How about this thought: If the Mexicans are here, NOT to be citizens, NOT to be contributors but TAkers, why aren't they "Occupiers". And many citizens here see that elected offials, politicians, and bureaucrats are going to, as Rush says" Zip-Zero-Nada". How long before some our citizens become "Freedom Fighters" and start taking cvarious actions against "The Occupiers"?


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