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22 May 2006

If you're a sex criminal, make sure you are an ICE Agent. That's the best way to get off easy (no pun intended).

For months, we have detailed the saga of Frank J. Figueroa a/k/a "Frankie the Fig," the then-Tampa Special Agent in Charge of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). We have wondered why this sex criminal remains an ICE Agent and will soon collect his entire $100,000 plus per year retirement, plus full benefits--courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Since 1960 got here, all types of conditions, rules, and customs have changed. Before, and in some cases after, there were views and practices that targeted some goups of humans. If you see someone in the NOW column who should be in the THEN summary, that person is probably already a target for correction and/or dismissal.

THEN: If you were a police officer, you believed that women were attracted to the uniform, and were fair game to engage for sexual purposes.
NOW: An attempt to get a co-worker, Clerical or female officer, to be a sex partner will:A. get you fired. B. cost you and your department money for a sexual harrasment lawsuit, and C. maybe get you indicted for rape or an attempted rape.
Yet, we still have some people who still hold the old notions.

THEN: If you could drink a fifth of Jack Daniel's, and continue to function, you were a MAN!
NOW: We know that al;cohol will kill brain cells and your liver, and if you can tolerate that much alcohol--You are an alcoholic.
Yet, we have people who feel that alcohol is an escape from troubles and a destination for recreation.

THEN: If you were a cop. it was accepted that you accepted half-price meals, freebies at various retail outlets.
NOW: In most areas, an accusation of accepting "Gratuities" will get you investigated, and the results of that investigation will be in your file.

THEN: Police Officers were mostly white males. A lot of them held the view that they were superior because you had been born into the Chosen race.
NOW: Mainly due to Imposed Government quotas, some of your outstanding police officers are from "Minority" races. Any remarks about someone's race will find you being counseled, the statement documented, and that document entered into your file.
Extreme examples will get you disciplined or terminated.

THEN: The concept of the ignorant Southern bigot Sheriff. Yes, there were places where the local law enforcer was politically powerful and horribly ignorant of laws, and used his power for his benefit. People he hired were given a badge, a gun, a car, and told to " go out there and fight crime". The old joke was that if you were stopped by one of these guys they told you,"Here take this ticket book, and write what I tell you to", meaning that they were illiterate.
NOW: With Federal Regulations, the ACLU, the OEC, and Liberal Civil Attorneys nipping at your heels, law enforcement is pretty much homogenized. A State officer in Mississippi is about equal to an officer employed by Ohio. Yes, you point to some jurisdictiobs, like New Orleans, where Officers joined in the looting, and were videotaped "thumping" someone who had not really asked for it. But, this is a glaring example, and let me assure you, the Main Stream Media loves to air these examples. These flaunters of accepted rules and regulations will soon be visited by: A. FBI investigators, and B. ACLU type junk-yard dogs attorneys, trolling for "Victims".


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