DesertExile: Beware those who "Tear down".

11 May 2006

Beware those who "Tear down".

A typical observation since the early 1960s is that of people who target, attack, and tear down those who have jumped through all the hurdles and hoops to become a (fill in the blank).

In the HBO Series Special, "Band of Brothers", there are short interviews at the beginning and end of the episodes. In one interview, a veteran explains that it was an expected duty for one to join the military to go to WWII, and some of those who rejected went home and committed suicide. With the Viet Nam War in progress, those flakes who avoided the Draft, evaded military service, and demonstrated to assuage their guilt, declared those who served were: Stupid, Fools, and Misguided.

The next attack came after Viet Nam and was known as "Tailhook".
Supposedly, there were 50 victims. Only ONE, Lt. Coughlin claimed abuse. Turned out, she was married, but was not with her husband at the convention, and identified the wrong person on a photo line-up. Several Navy officers nhad their careers endedand reputations ruined.

Next come the the helpers of attorneys. These people are aided by destroying someone to get cash, and will willingly llege that a doctor or other professional is a sleaze.

The last aspect is every time I see this being done, the attacker is usually a poor excuse for a human. What I'm seeing is that non-acheiver trying to pull the target down to his/her level.

Heroes do not have to proclaim that they are heroes, nor do they boast about medals or awards. They know that they have "IT".

If you see or hear someone assaulting the character or reputation of someone had spent YEARS getting to where they are--STEER CLEAR. If they do it to them, they will do it to YOU!


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