DesertExile: The DANGER

24 May 2006


In 1984, a new officer came to Oceanside. At that time, we only had to work "Graveyard" (2200-0630) shift for one month at a time.

After this officer was in Oceanside for about three months, we were teamed together on the Graveyard shift.

After telling my wife that I was working with this officer (pictured above on right)
I received a lecture about " The Danger". I said" there is no danger--she is as big as I am". "The reply:" I'm not talking about that". "Well, she carries a gun, and she is a good shot with it." "I'm not talking about that" "She is a good driver, has never had a crash" "I'm not talking abouut that"

Then it dawned on me --Wife was afraid that I would become attached to this person.
It had happened. A recurring story was that a married man was paired with a single woman. After three werks, man moves out from life with wife and into a place with Shift Partner.


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