DesertExile: Haditha--SO WHAT?

02 June 2006

Haditha--SO WHAT?

So, there are accusations that Marines killed "Innocent Civilians in Haditha....
From the AP story, attacks on Coaltion Troops have occurred with deadly regularity.
What are Marines trained to do? Fight back.

My question is: How long are they supposed to " take it"?

How many Marines do we throw away to keep from pissing off some raghead who passionately hates us, and with every opportunity, will kill us?

As I've written here before,the dumber the person, the more they respect immediate, overwhelming force. They have to know that they will either: A. get their ass kicked,or B, be killed.
They have to be more afraid of us than the competition.

So if some Marines killed a few extra--I will not condemn them.


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