DesertExile: Think he will stop it--Think again

15 May 2006

Think he will stop it--Think again

So President Bush is going to make a speech telling what he will do about Illegal Aliens. He could reduce it to three letters: S O S. (same old stuff)

We are dealing with major hypocrites, and here are some:
Vicente Fox-is angered that we put some people on the Border. He has armed troops on his southern Border, with orders to shoot to kill any immigrants/invaders.

REPUBLICANS Always concerned with " The Bottom Line". They want these workers in here to pay them $10 per hour. Citizen workers draw $25-40 per hour, and pay their own costs. So who makes up the difference? Good old sap taxpayers in the U.S

The Democrats want to needy folks to vote for them. Think Illegals can't vote? Ask Bob Dornan, who was voted out of office. His opponent, Linda Sanchez, was voted in because she is hispanic.

Frannkly, I think the government, congresss, and the President think we will just go on "taking it".


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