DesertExile: Mass Murder-Solutions of misfits.

23 April 2007

Mass Murder-Solutions of misfits.

So, we are all treated to first news that a killer went around Virginia Tech, killing as he went. He took a break to send off to NBC an info packet worthy of a Public Affairs spokesman for a major corporation, which tells me he was NOT psychotic.
The NEWS then deluges us with minute details of the killings and still are.
The NEWS left out that the hero, Liviu Librescu, had been screwed over first by the Nazis, but then told he could not work by Communists in his native Romania because he would not sign-up to be a Party member. This led to his migration to Israel.
Now it is wailing and gnashing of teeth, and stupid solutions as to how to prevent the next
Cho Seung-Hui.
My Conclusion: The next mass murderer will still be able to take out as many people as he chooses. This is based on:

1. There is NO administrator, director, executive who has the balls to go against Political Correctness. While they mouth " We should do...", truth is they don't have the guts.
2. Guns. Anyone who wants one WILL get one. Look at Drugs--they are Illegal, yet we have millions of addicts and users, and Americans keep the cartels busy. Do you hear of them shipping drugs to Saudi Arabia? I think not.
3. LIBERALS who:
A. Give these misfits excuses. "Oh, he was an abused child" The BIG STORY about Cho was that he was "Bullied" asa child.
B. Make laws--that apply to administrators and cops only--that you can not release any information about a "Whack-Job" nutcase. We must protect his Privacy, you know--
C. Defend these Nut cases, and make them celebrities. If Cho had surrendered, I'd wager the ACLU would have been right there making sure that his rights were observed. We would have spent 20 years of taxpayer money on appeals--IF they found him sane. IF he was classed as Insane. he would have been out in four to ten years, and cured or "Rehabilitated".
For myself, any person who wants to should be able to carry a weaon. While LIbs predict gunfights, the opposite in reality is true.
Look at Salt Lake City--How many more people would have that young IslamoFascist Sulejmen Talovic been able to EXECUTE had not a policeman, legally carrying a weapon, had not shot him?


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