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14 April 2007

Things unpleasant to an older generation

The "big event" was that Don Imus said something that wasn't noticeably
terrible. I tried not to write about, because everyone else was.
But then, sitting over supper it struck me:
Washington radio station WMAL-AM fired talk show host Michael Graham yesterday after he refused to soften his description of Islam as "a terrorist organization" on the air last month.
Graham had been suspended without pay from his daily three-hour show since making his comments July 25. The station had conditioned his return to the mid morning shift on reading a station-approved statement in which Graham would have said that his anti-Muslim statements were "too broad" and that he sometimes uses "hyperbole" in the course of his program. WMAL also asked Graham to speak to the station's advertisers and its employees about the controversy.

Graham said he would not apologize "for something that is true." (By Stephen Salpukas)
CAIR applauded WMAL's decision. The organization had asked the station for a retraction or an apology, but "we didn't get specific on what [Graham] should say," said Rabiah Ahmed, a spokeswoman. "We were looking for an acknowledgment that his statements were anti-Muslim and hateful, and harmful to our community and our country's image."

Don Imus - never a friend of us conservatives - is being shafted by the mainstreamers thanks to the group that he ‘offended’, the African American left. By targeting this group with his attempt at dry humor, that yes, borders on racism, the radio personality has been suspended from his radio show for two weeks and if the likes of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpten have their way, Imus will be off the air forever. Never mind that personalities like Rosie O’Donnell and Bill Maher regularly spew inappropriate rants at groups like Chinese Americans and Christians, for which rather than getting condemned by the main stream press, they get accolades. What Don Imus did was piss off the one group that no one is allowed to belittle and for that he will likely lose his job. What Imus said was wrong but what the liberals in this country are doing to the guy is even worse. What ever happened to free speech in this country where one could say something - no matter how ‘wrong’ - without the threat of reprisals?
Oh that’s right, it depends on who’s saying it and about who.
You see, when you put it together, CAIR is just using the same tactics that Sharpton/Jackson?Farrakhan have used for decades.
First, you find something to "Get offended about".
Then, regardless if the statement is true or false, you go to the "Offending Party's "boss or sponsors. You threaten the boss with a lawsuit, or start a boycott of the sponsors. In the day of "The Bottom Line", the boss either agrees to pay a settlement (Extortion) or fire the "Offending Party" .
And, to me, the kicker is that they both use the U S Government, funded by U S citizens, and the legal system of that government to either get that settlement or the "Offender" fired.
This is the same Government that ended Segregation and gave Blacks the right to vote. Yet Blacks seem to have np problem taking away someone else's freedom of speech.
If you are not in the U S, Islamo-Fascists will silence you by cutting off your head.
How's that for a free and open debate?!


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