DesertExile: Thoughts in Vegas

06 April 2007

Thoughts in Vegas

In Vegas, everything that is interesting makes you go through a casino to get there.

There are classic cars, there are gardens, there are flamingos, there are gondolas, and there are name stars appearing in concert. But,you have to go through a casino to see any of these.

As to myself, I DO NOT GAMBLE.
In the early 60's, I was newly married and struggling to make ends meet. For five days a week, I was a Route Delivery/Sales/ Set-up/Merchandiser for 7-up bottling company.
On Saturday and Sunday, I worked for a while as a "Change" person on the betting line, then a ticket seller at the local horse race track.

Every weeeked, there was this fabulously wealthy guy who drove up from Phoenix in--a Cadillac--the MOST expensive car you could buy. He would bet $10,000 PER RACE.
Remember, you could buy a new car then for $1800 . My salry was $225 a month PLUS $.05 per case of sodas that I was able to sell. The top wage around town was $2. 00 PER HOUR.

One day, the guy hung around after the races. The people who worked the betting line would get a beer or soda, sit down together in the stands after the races and compare who had the most extreme bettors that day.

The guy asked if he can sit with us. Sure!

One lady said, "You must awfully wealthy--did you inherit?"

The guy," No, I am architect in Phoenix".

The lady," Wow, you must win a lot!".

The guy," No, actually I don't. A professional gambler can hope to win 45% of the time. So, you better have a good day job to support yourself"

I figured it out: Gamblers are like prospectors. With prospectors, that "Big Strike" is right over that next hill. With gamblers, it is the next hand, the next spin, the next throw that will win them that big pot.

In Vegas, I note that pawn shops are everywhere.


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