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07 April 2007

Finding meaning in life

In the last post, I commented somewhat on passing through casinos.
Things noticed:
--Usually, there are hundreds of slot machines.
--People sitting at the machines are often elderly or have a disability as indicated by a nearby oxygen tank or sitting in a powered wheel chair.
It seems to me to a real reduction in life expectation when your recreation is sitting in front of a machine, pulling a handle, and hoping that you will get something.
A physician who had practiced near casinos pointed something out to me. Casinos insure that patrons can drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. The alcohol is to make you stupid--impair your judgement so that you bet or spend more than you should. The cigarettes keep you awake so that you can bet longer.
People think they are getting a real deal with bargain room rates and food that is priced about 1/4th the usual amount. As I pointed out to them: The casinos are not losing money. Yes, you will get your food and bed for cheaper--but they are going to make a profit. How? They are counting on you to bet your money--remember, the house wins at least 55% of the time.
People that sit at slots, or gamble I know consider it a mark of sophistication, and will boast about how much money they have won [They don't tell you how much they lost] To me, these people are ignoring big issues like world domination by Islamofascists and watching our country swirl down the toilet propelled by the illegal invasion of unskilled workers. They are like the people who want to be nice to muslims, and the most important thing in their life is who got voted off Survivor or American Idol.


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