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02 April 2007

Everybody has their own agenda-and the smarts to do it

This story was in the paper today-I'm sure it didn't get a lot of play:

PHOENIX (AP) — A Maricopa County court official told staff to stop asking inmates for their immigration status despite a constitutional amendment that denies bail for illegal immigrants accused of serious crimes, according to a newspaper investigation.
Penny Stinson, a Superior Court pretrial services director, made the order Nov. 17, shortly before the amendment took effect.
“Due to recent changes in the legislation and the liberty interest implications, we will no longer be asking defendants any questions regarding their citizenship,” Stinson wrote in an e-mail obtained by the East Valley Tribune.
Stinson tagged the e-mail high importance and “EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY” and sent it to 19 staff members. The message was copied to Commissioner Sheila Madden, whose job is to set bail for defendants in their first appearances before a judge.
In a second e-mail on March 19, Stinson reminded her staff of the directive and instructed them not to record any immigration information on paperwork.
“Please remember that we do not ask defendants any questions regarding their citizenship,” Stinson wrote.
This e-mail was circulated four days after a paperwork error led to the release of an illegal immigrant who is now wanted in a fatal stabbing last week in Mesa.
Police say Ruben Perez Rivera killed his cousin Tuesday night when he found the man with his ex-girlfriend. Under the terms of the law mandated by Prop. 100, Perez should have been in jail at the time of the stabbing while awaiting trial on felony charges of kidnapping and assaulting the ex-girlfriend on March 4.

There are a few occupations (Brain surgeon, rocket scientist, dentist, and Plumber) that escape critique lately.

From being a Law Enforcement officer, I know that EVERYBODY knows how to do that job better than I did.

President of the United States: Every smart ass College kid knows how he/she would do THAT job. Nancy Pelosi has just declared herself able to do the job of the President and the entire State Department. ( My question--What is she giving away in Syria?)

Meanwhile, back at today's paper.

This woman, a taxpayer funded, non-elected, bureacrat, decided that she would direct the processing of Illegal Aliens as she pleased. Two possibilities as I see it:
A. She is a sympathizer of Illegal Aliens.


B. She feels that Illegal Aliens can not commit a crime


C.She thinks it is permissable for one Mexican to kill another.


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