DesertExile: Enough to make you throw up

16 April 2007

Enough to make you throw up

Yesterday, traditional Tax Day, the Los Angeles Dodgers paid tribute to Jackie Robinson.
From people who follow baseball, I hear that Jackie Robinson and Frank Robinson, who was interviewed during the came, are "reverse racists", i.e., white people can nothing right, and black people deserve all the breaks, and can do nothing wrong.
I do not watch baseball. It's not a priority. However, one member of my family follows baseball, and wanted to watch the game.
The Commentators talked about Jackie Robinson--non stop!
The last straw was when a Dodger ball boy was hit in the head by a foul ball and was knocked unconscious. The crowd's attention was on the ball boy.
The Commentators continued the ad neauseum babble about Jackie Robinson.
At that point, we muted the TV.


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