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31 March 2007

Hypocrisy and ignoring reality

Mar 30, 2007 6:16 PM
Two charged in ambush attack on immigrants in Arizona
TUCSON, Ariz. (Map, News) - Gunmen apparently trying to seize a smugglers' truckload of drugs attacked a pickup hauling 23 suspected illegal immigrants early Friday, killing two people and wounding another, authorities said.
Within hours, Border Patrol agents tracking footprints found two men along with three high-powered weapons near a campsite about a half-mile south of where the shooting occurred, said Richard Kastigar, Pima County sheriff's criminal investigations chief.
After questioning Friday afternoon, both men admitted to having fired high-powered weapons into the truck and were charged with two counts each of homicide and 21 counts each of attempted homicide, Kastigar said.
Witnesses inside the pickup and its camper shell substantiated the events, even though none of the survivors interviewed was able to identify the gunmen, according to Kastigar.
Rosario Humberto Araujo-Monarrez, 21, and Martin Esrain Flores-Gaxiola, 18, from the Mexican state of Sinaloa, were being processed before being booked into the Pima County Jail and other charges could be pending, Kastigar said.
The first man who admitted taking part in the shooting told detectives four men shot at the truck, according to Kastigar.
This is in the United States, in southern Arizona. This is not in Iraq.
It is reported in the local paper.
The headline implies that the "Victims" are simply migrants.
They don't tell you that a booming industry is smuggling humans.
This incident was one businessman trying to eliminate some competition--Mexican style.
Without being implied, it is presumed that Federal authorities --remember, Immigration and smuggling are Federal crimes; Local Police Administrators throw off any responsibility with that statement.--
should be there to stop this.
This isn't Iraq, where the news uses attacks to show that Bush is incompetent.
This is the US where they - the news--don't want to offend wealthy employers of "Cheap Labor" , and for the most part, this attack, and the four within the past three months--go ignored.
A Thruth I formed while I was a law enforcer: Statistics don't mean jack--until you are one.
Average John Q Citizen doesn't know about these attacks, could not care about these attacks UNTIL ..Some Hispanic Gang member comes at HIM. Then, he will wonder where the Feds are/were, and wHY DIDN"T THEY DO SOMETHING.


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