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08 March 2006

Hit and Run--your reaction

This article was written in the LA DAily News:
Hit-and-run crashes on rise in Valley; most stay mystery.
Fatal Valley hit-and-runs in 2005 all still unsolved

First, a hit and run (H/R) crash does not mean that the driver is able to drive te car away. A H/R means that one party fled, either in a car or on foot, before exchanging information. Many times, the car is disabled by crash damage, but the driver gets out and literally runs away.

What a H/R really is consists of a refusal to take responsibility for one's own action.

Many times, the person takes off because he/she:
Is drunk.
Is an Illegal Immigrant.
Has warrants for other crimes, or has just committed another crime.(robbery murder, assault) Will be found doing something that is not public information, i.e., a cheating husband.

The article states that the number of H/R crashes are increasing. So, your odds of being in one are growing if you live in a Border State.

What should you do?
Before you venture out onto the roads, make damn sure that you have " Uninsured Motorist Coverage". If you get hit:
1. GET THE LICENSE PLATE, write it down, or repeat it to yourself repeatedly to remember it
2. LOOK AT THE CAR. What make, model, color is it?
3. Look at the driver-if you can see him/her. Is the driver--Young, Old, Caucasian, Black, Hispanic?


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