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13 March 2006

Measuring up

Sign at Disneyland, advising of a height requirement in order to ride a list of amusements

Military Shuns Many of Recruiting Age
The pool shrinks to 13.6 million when only high school graduates and those who score in the upper half on a military service aptitude test are considered. The 30 percent who are high school dropouts are not the top choice of today's professional, all-volunteer and increasingly high-tech military force.
Other factors include:
_the rising rate of obesity; some 30 percent of U.S. adults are now considered obese.
_a decline in physical fitness; one-third of teenagers are now believed to be incapable of passing a treadmill test.
_a near-epidemic rise in the use of Ritalin and other stimulants to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Potential recruits are ineligible for military service if they have taken such a drug in the previous year.
Doctors prescribe these drugs to about 2 million children and 1 million adults a month, according to a federal survey. Many more are believed to be using such stimulants recreationally and to stay awake longer to boost academic and physical performance.
Other potential recruits are rejected because they have criminal histories and too many dependents. Subtract 4.4 million from the pool for these people and for the overweight.
Others can be rejected for medical problems, from blindness to asthma. The Army estimate has subtracted 2.6 million for this group.
That leaves 4.3 million fully qualified potential recruits and an estimated 2.3 million more who might qualify if given waivers on some of their problems.
The bottom line: a total 6.6 million potential recruits from all men and women in the 32 million-person age group.

This all started in the 1960's. It became in vogue to advocate "Diversity", and "Inclusion". The move was launched to include people into places where they should not be.
Police forces. ..After the Civil Rights Act and Equal Employment were put in place, the Federal Government came along to force police Departments to accept women and "Minorities" on the Force.
It was patently obvious that a large number of these were not qualified under the existing standards. SOLUTION-Lower the Standards. When I applied to a State Law Enforcement agency, there were three tests: 23 situps, 2 chin-ups, and to jump 0ne foot higher than a standing position.
Women could not do the pull ups. In a short time, one unqualified candidate showed up with an attorney, failed the test, and filed a lawsuit. A multi-million dolar study was done, and the chin ups went away.
When I applied, you had to be between 5'8" and 6' 4 ". An Asian male from San Francisco challenged the requirement because he was 5' 4" tall. After a lawsuit, as one wisecracker said" Like the height requirement, he was out of there" . This led to ridiculous cadets coming to the Academy. One was nicknamed Micro-Chip. She couldn't see over the dash board of a police car, and instead of a PR-24 baton, she had a PR-20, because the 24 dragged on the ground.

In the LAPD's case, they took candidates that would not have otherwise been accepted. This was the direct cause of the Rampart Scandal. As one psychologist wroteafter extensive interviews of those concerned," The police officers did not become gangsters--Gangsters became police officers".

The Catholic Church took in men as preists that were not screened as strenuously as before. RESULT: Child Molest perpetrators.

In the case of the Agency I was with, Training became relaxed, and affected by retention quotas and "Politically Correct" regulations, several persons were sent to the Field who were not qualified or a source of embarrassment to many. EXAMPLE: One Hispanic cadet heard Instructors teling a Hispanic joke. He made a straight line to the Commander's Office, and lodged a Discrimination Complaint. The two Instructors were banished to the Field, never to be promoted, and the Hispanic became a sacred cow. He is now the commander of a Division.

If this idea was universally enforced, we woulf have 5'0" females playing in the NFL, and 5'6" basketball players in tyhe NBA.

If I were in the military, I would want to know that the person next to me was as qualified as I am. An inferior person will get you killed.


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