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14 March 2006

Components of Coercion

Yesterday, this weblog commented that the Federal Government forced agencies to hire persons who were not really qualified.

You ask..."How can they do that?"

Two primary ways.
Way 1. The ACLU will "shop" for a judge. That means that the ACLU will look around various jursdictions until they find a Socialistic-Indoctrinated judge, who went to a Socialistic approved Law School, such as Georgetown, NYU, Berkeley, or Columbia. Then, they will file for (and get) a "Consent Decree", that is, an order by a judge to do a required action. EXAMPLE: LAPD had a Consent Decree against them that required them to hire women on the force until they were 15% of the total force. In the meantime, no men could be hired until the magic 15% was reached.
To be one of these judges means that you came from a wealthy family. People who work can not afford the cost of one of those big name law schools. So, they are fully convinced when law professors inundate them with Socialistic BS. That also means this kid was protected all of his/her life. They were never in any danger of getting their ass kicked. Consequently, they believe that all you have to do issue a writ or a restraining order, and there will be peace in our time.

Way2: You have POLITICIANS running the Federal Government. A lot of them pander to their constituencies. If your supporters are minorities who frequently run afoul of the law, you cripple the law enforcers so that not too many of them are arrested or go to jail. One method is to deny federal funds for projects that can not be funded from the low or no tax base of your voters. The politicians make sure grants to police agencies do not get there or are stopped in progress.

In a police agency, you have two primary types. Road Warriors or Politicians. In the military, you have a similar situation with Staff and Field.
Road Warriors are just that. To get promoted, you must prove to a Promotion Board that you do not want to be a Road Warrior anymore. You must prove that you want to move into an office job, and not have contact with the public and bad guys any more.
The Politicians have one goal: Get that next promotion. They are fixated on getting there, and to
get there, they know that they have to please people that can get them there, and not to displease anyone who might stop them. A complaint from a "Minority", which is always investigated and documented, can stop them, even if the examining authority found no violation.
A complaint from an influential member of the public can stop them.

A complaint from a Road Warrior will simply be answered as " Just enforcing Policy", and be readily dismissed.

Politicians will ALWAYS obey a Court Order. Defiance of a Court Order will stop you from getting that next promotion. So, your jeely-spined "Leaders" will cave to a court order every time.


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