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09 March 2006

No labels apply

The picture above is your typical wall of mailboxes. Each one has an address.

As far as my mail, yes, I have an address.

As far as my label applies, I do not have one.

There are some things that apply, but those are things I was born with and grew in to, and things I can not change: White, Male, Adult. We have some people in our society that think we should not have these. One man I served with told of being a police officer in a Wisconsin city, and being banned from stating a racial label --Black, White, Hispanic, or Asian--on the radio. All they could say about a perpetrator was a "Large (presumably Adult) Person".

Previously, I felt that I was a Catholic. Converted at age 18 from a Protestant church following, I accepted all of the Church's teachings. As time went on, I became aware that priests (Supposedly the most holy of people) were all becoming Child Molest suspects. This put an element of doubt in my belief.
The decision to not describe myself as a Catholic was bolstered by a statement by a convention of Archbishops that we should accept wholesale illegal immigration.
At this point, it was apparent that any donation I made would go to lawsuit settlements or illegal immigrants.
Last week, Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles decalred that Catholics should rebel against law(and common sense) and aid illegal immigrants.

Sorry, Cardinal, you are leading a group that I'm not in.

Growing up, my parents were Conservative, and generally the candidates that espoused this view were Republicans, even in the WWII era, when Democrats were in vogue.

In the 1980's it became popular to advocate that Illegal Immigration be decriminalized, and consequently, not enforced. Ronald Reagan bought into this and declared an Amnesty, which was touted as the stopper for further Illegal Immigration. Those who were to be given Amnesty had to prove that they had been in the United States--illegally--for three years. One District attorney said,"They can do that by showing their records of DUI convictions"

In my experience, I saw the Border Patrol demonized, from within and without. Internal sanctions were taken on Agents who dared to touch Illegals aside from the arrest process. Illegals often had on their person business cards from attorneys in Santa Ana, California, who would readily take their case against Agents for "Violating their Civil Rights". The Border Patrol was denied or shorted on their resources. They never had enough personnel to adequately handle the problem.

One of the truths I formed as a Law Enforcement Officer was: "Statistics do not mean Jack--unless you are one". There are many citizens in Southern California who have been hit by a vehicle driven by an Illegal. The Illegal fled, either by driving away or on foot. When--and very seldom--caught, you found that Illegal had no license, and no insurance. If jailed by a conscientious Officer, a Judge would release them on "OR" [Own Recognizance], which means, they didn'y pay any bail, and would usually be gone to Mexico or another part of the state, using another name.

If you think I am "Dramatizing" go to:

The citizens of the United States are paying the bills for these Illegals.

In contacts with Illegals, I was kicked, spit on, called a variety of obscenties, had my police car repeatedly damaged, and the seats soaked in urine. One illegal tried to take my sidearm. Why? Illegals have nothing but contempt for U.S law enforcement. Why? In Mexico, and other "Latin American" countries, Police have life and death power. Police can shoot, beat, and imprison these illegals--without fear of retaliation, lawsuits, or criminal action.

Big Republican contributors argue that we should welcome these people. Why? They will not say this, but to the Big Contributor, these people are "Cheap Labor". Their pay covers bare necessities. Their Health Care, their Schooling, their incarceration costs--are on the U.S.citizen's tax dime.

The Republican's refusal to even give lip service to this issue moved me to change my Party Affliation to " Independent".

As for what groups of people I will not associate with, there are none. My decision to associate or avoid is based on Character, not a profile or an "Address"


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