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07 March 2006

Big mystery--NOT!


Stefan Eriksson, who owned the red Ferrari Enzo -- one of only 400 made -- escaped the Feb. 21 crash with only a cut lip.

Engine of crashed Ferrari--front end in center of photo, ahead of Sheriff's car.

Authorities said Eriksson told them he was a passenger in the car and that the driver, a German acquaintance he only knew as Dietrich, ran into the nearby hills. Deputies launched a three-hour foot and helicopter search but failed to turn up Dietrich.

Eriksson also said the Ferrari was in a race with a Mercedes SLR, whose driver took off after leaving behind its passenger -- a friend of Eriksson that authorities were only identifying as "Trevor."

"We believe (Dietrich) no longer exists and that the Ferrari was racing by itself and there were no Mercedes," Brooks said.

Only the driver's side air bag had blood on it, and Eriksson suffered a cut lip, Brooks noted. Eriksson agreed Wednesday to submit a DNA sample but refused to be interviewed by investigators.

Eriksson's blood-alcohol level after the crash was .09, slightly more than the legal .08 limit, Brooks said. If it is determined he was the Ferrari driver, he could be charged with driving under the influence, reckless driving and providing false information to authorities, Brooks said.

After arresting somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 DUI drivers in my former career, There is no mystery to me.

This guy was probably "doing a combo", that is drinking and using a drug. Best guess here is cocaine. He would be "hyped up", and with the alcohol, he would feel invincible between a blood alcohol level at .08--.10. To get his REAL, BA level, find out:
A: When was the blood sample drawn?
B. How long after the crash was the sample taken.

So, if the sample was taken at 2 hours after the crash, multiply 2 times .025 (amount normal person burns off in an hour, so .09+ [2 x .025] = .14.

Someone got him going. He reacted to something, but I'll bet the other driver is in no way impelled to talk about it.

The invention of a "Phantom driver" is common with a DUI crash. The Phantom has only one name. "just met him/her", and so nothing is known about the Phantom other than a first name.

A dead give-away with a DUI driver crash is when you arrive, look at the remains of the car, and say," This guy is dead". You go and look in the car--no one there. You ask," where is the driver?" A bystander points out a person, usually frantically smoking a cigarette, hoping to cover the smell of alcoholic drinks on his/her breath.

A story has been created by the DUI driver. He/she was "ran off the road", or "cut off" by another phantom vehicle that can only usualy be described as "a big blue Ford".

The only mystery is who REALLY owns --or did own--this car.


At March 07, 2006 6:34 PM, Blogger dyzgoneby said...

That poor car.


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