DesertExile: California White Flight

28 March 2007

California White Flight

Assisted suicide bill clears hurdle
Proponents plead for death with dignity; opponents warn of economic pressure to end lives prematurely
. AB 374 cleared the committee 7-3.
Hold placed on bills that might swell prisons
Saying they don't want to make a bad situation worse, Senate Democratic leaders on Tuesday imposed a nine-month moratorium on all bills that they said would aggravate California's overcrowded prison population.
Sen. Gloria Romero, who chairs the Senate Public Safety Committee, has placed a hold on any legislation that imposes new crimes or lengthens criminal sentences while the state grapples with a prison population about twice the designed capacity.
Agency execs get pay hikes
Governor gives raises of up to 27 percent to 49 administrators.
Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger announced Tuesday he will increase six-figure salaries for top state executives by as much as 27 percent, a move that could precipitate similar raises for his own chief of staff and other top aides in the future.
The pay hikes for 49 executives come after the Republican governor signed legislation last year enabling his administration to raise top salaries to as much as $258,125. At the time, Schwarzenegger's office said it had no plans to give raises
except to the heads of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation and the California Highway Patrol.
These are all headlines in the "Politics" section of the Sacramento Bee newspaper.
So to sum it up, the legislature wants to give you permission to kill yourself, Senator Romero says we can't put anyone else in prison because the prisons are overcrowded, and Arnold has proven himself to be a Liberal.
Everyone in California knows there is a financial crisis. When the RECALL election that saw Gray Davis gone was in progress, we learned that Gov. Davis had "Cooked the books" and the State was in deep pucky as far as money was concerned.
The legislature--overwhelmingly Liberal-- gave Illegal Immigrants many benefits--at taxpayer expense.
From my own experience, I know that Welfare Workers in Los Angeles REFUSED to take action when it was shown that some of their claimants were committing fraud.. Their response was " We are here to give out benefits--not verify eligibility".
Gov. Arnold shows the two hallmarks of Liberals: Hypocrisy and Fantasy. He says the State can't afford higher salaries-but gives them to Execs. He says that California can afford these raises. (They can if your gasoline stays over $3.00 a gallon :
44.7 cents per gallon PLUSOther taxes include a 6% state sales tax and 1.25% county, plus additional local sales taxes and 1.2 cpg state UST fee.
SO-you buy a gallon of gas[$3.00/Gallon]: $.45 + $.18+$.04+$.01 = $.64 TAX)
So, you add this up and you see that the State will tax you more, not put criminals in jail, and all they are willing to"give" you is the ability to commit suicide.


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