DesertExile: The new Dictators

06 July 2006

The new Dictators

LOS ANGELES (CNN) -- Rodney King wasn't the only one bloodied six years ago. His city and its police department will also never be the same.
Pain lingers
King has improved physically since the beating, but he still hurts. Still aches.

"(It's mostly) headaches around the eyes from the kicks and the blows in the face area," he says. "So I can imagine how Reginald Denny feels, too."

Denny was another beating victim, pulled from his truck and attacked during the riots. The city itself was stunned when its cops failed to rescue him from the rage.

The former truck driver testified that more than 90 bones in his face were broken during the beating.

He now lives in Florida, where he's learning to repair boats. He doesn't speak publicly about the beating anymore. Nor does Damian Williams, one of the men who was caught on tape beating Denny. He's still in prison.

His lawyer says Williams regrets the pain Denny suffered, but believes the riots were justified. Williams will be freed in November and may seek work rehabilitating gang members.

And who controlled this whole bunch of misery? Who made money out of this, besides Rodney King?

Judges and Attorneys.

Michael Ramirez's cartoon above [click on image to enlarge] describes the outrageously ridiculous point at which we have arrived.

Our Supreme Court just granted all rights to foreign citizen terrorists.


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