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26 June 2006

For those complain.......

Everyone has heard complaints that "X" police Department, or " Y" Sheriff's Department routinely employ brutality on citizens they conatct. My response is BULLS**T!.

If an Officer Deputy, or law Enforcement officer (LEO) uses excessive force, that usually is a defense for anyone that they have arrested. The defense attorney's pitch to the jury is,"Ladies and gentlemen, my client has already been punished once"

Everyone has seen the TV show Las Vegas. It is no stretch to say that almost every business has that amount of video surveillance cameras.WHY? LAWYERS. Lawyers sue you for "insufficient security rendered to patrons and guests".

So, if a LEO uses excessive force, and the allegation is bolstered by evidence and injuries, the following Pile Driver hits are coming:
1. The LEO WILL be fired. No Agency will retain an officer when evidence is availble to confirm the allegation. WHY? LAWYERS. If the Agency keeps the officer, their name will be on the lawsuit.
2. Your friendly local prosecutor will not be your friend anymore. You will be charged with" Assault under color of Authority". Don't worry about getting a good attorney to defend you.. You have no job and no income.
3. The perpetrator WILL SUE you. The LEO will suddenly find that no one at the Department knows him/her. Sergeants or supervisors are there to protect THE DEPARTMENT, not the LEO.
4. If this isn't bad enough, the FBI can step in at any time and investigate the LEO for "Civil Rights Violations". The FBI is NOT the LEO's friend. If the LEO makes the mistake of thinking " They are just cops too", the LEO will hear every incriminating word uttered in the FBI's presence at a hearing or trial. The wise move is to say" I will not have any conversation with you unless my attorney is present".
5. If you try to be employed by another Agency--forget it! They all have your history, and you are a liabilty and a marked EX-LEO.

So, if you haer someone say thatr "So and So" got "beat up by the cops" know this: So and So had an ass kicking coming. The LEO's can justify the force they used to effect an arrest.


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