DesertExile: Mexico as a Mythic Point of Escape

03 July 2006

Mexico as a Mythic Point of Escape


My personal knowledge began in 1961. A club I belonged to in College had 6 members that went to Tijuana. They were able to buy alcoholic beverages, but quickly found that restrooms are in short supply. They were using an alley when a Policia man arrested all 6. Two were released and sent back to los Angeles to get $800 to have the other four released.

In 1974, I transferred to San Diego with my State law enforcement agency. A San Diego Police Officer assumed that "Cops are cops--and they will help me" chased a suspect into Mexico at about 1000 hours. The Mexicans arrested the police officer, held him until 2100 hours, then released him in his undershorts. They kept his car, his weapon, his uniform.

Before this, there was a well liked Station Commander from the lower Los Angeles area. One of his men took his wife and drove to Mexico for a vacation. As the officer drove, a Mexican driver crossed onto his side of the road and hit him head on. The officer was severly injured. The Mexicans took him to a hospital(A room with a bed)They told the wife that he would be held there until the Mexican driver who hit him was compensated for his car.
The Station Commander rented a car, drove to Mexico, picked up the officer, wrote the Mexican a check, then drove back and put a "Stop-payment" on the check. That Commander walked on water in his men's eyes after that.

My brother was with an Arizona law enforcement agency. He had a specilized unit. The unit, in a convoy, was on its way to Rocky Point to fish. They were pulled over by Federales. The Federales "discovered" marijuana in a customized four wheel drive truck belonging to a member of the unit. They were going to seize that truck. The unit gathered money from the members and offered the Federales $500. The Federales said," Ju can go, but we keep the marijuana".

IF you arrested in Mexico, YOU DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO:
A phone call
Food and shelter (you have to buy it in their jails)
Medical Care (ditto)
An Attorney

When the Mexican authorities get good and ready, you will be taken to court, where you get your chance to prove that you are innocent.

I have known a few people who retired and went to Ensenada, Rosarita Beach, or some little town down there. They "bought" a piece of land and put up a home. That was all well and good until a wealthy developer comes in. [The Developer bribes the local officials to be able to do business] When these retirees complain, they find that ONLY MEXICAN CITIZENS can own more than 48% of any property or business.

There is another aspect of Mexican life. Let's say that Jose' A ( A=Alien) sneaks up to L A, and gets him a landscaping job. He starts getting American money. In progression, he buys 1. a western hat 2. Expensive Cowboy Boots. and when he really has it made,3. he buys a Four Wheel drive pickup using his "Bought at MacArthur Park" ID.
He drives his pickup to show his friends, family, and village that he "has it made".
A member of a drug cartel notices him, and tells Jose A that he is going to haul drugs. Jose' A refuses. The Cartel man tells him that if he refuses, his family and any dear acquaintances will be butchered on main street.(NOT an idle threat) If Jose A gets caught, he will: Lose his pickup (it will be seized and either used for undercover purposes or sold at a lien sale) and he will go to prison for about 5 years.

Oh, yeah. Mexico appeals to me...NOT!


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