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05 July 2006

Welcome Indicators

Yesterday, we went to the Prescott Rodeo. It has been yearly since 1888.

There were several factors that made me glad that we returned to Arizona:
1. The place was crowded! The total capacity is about 6,000 people, but there was no pushing, no cutting in, no snotty words issued. The crowd, by a voice vote, was mainly locals.

2. The women are mostly all natural (Without aid of cosmetic surgery and/or the cosmetics counter at Department Store)and with a natural, honest beauty. They give off the message,"I'm good looking, and I can beat Paris Hilon or Jessica Simpson ANY DAY!"
The men are handsome, and meet the gaze of your eyes. This tells me they are honest, sincere, and have nothing to prove to or hide from you.

3. The Rodeo started with a Salute to the Military. A Member of each one of the Armed Services walked out and stood "At ease" while a Rodeo Queen circled with the U.S.Flag. As each member entered, the song/anthem for that service was played, and the crowd was asked: If you are in THIS service, or are a veteran, please stand. Each time, those standing, and the Serviceman on the ground, in the Arena, were wildly applauded.

4. The Crowd was asked to stand and sing the National Anthem. Everyone did!(Up YOURS, Liberals!)

5. While still standing, a prayer was given for the crowd, the contestants and the animals. (Shove it sideways, Athiests)

6. The crowd got involved in each action.

7. Exit took about 40 minutes, but was very orderly, and again, very courteous.


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