DesertExile: Illustrating Liberal Hallmarks

28 June 2006

Illustrating Liberal Hallmarks

This picture,and its written message, show the two hallmarks of Liberals: Hypocrisy (Yes, prosecute, sue and harass the KKK, Excuse, defend, justify Islam) and Fantasy(We can negotiate with Islam. After all, it is a "religion of Peace")

Liberals defend: The Irish terrorists (they just want their own country), Palestinains (Subscribe to the Myth that the Israelis denied the local arabs a "Homeland" --truth is Syria and Jordan both expelled the Palestinains with deadly force)and the Soviet Union (Oh, yes, there was FREE health care, and guaranteed was a Worker's Paradise)

A little history. After the Civil War, a powerful lobby in Washington DC wanted to "Punish" the South for carrying on the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln said that the Prodigal Son had returned, and he would welcome the South back into the Union. But Lincoln was assassinated.

The Yankee (Still a word spit out like bile) Carpetbaggers(Residents of the NORTH, who came South with bags made of carpet,instead of Suitcases...kind of like Senator Hillary Clinton who never lived in New York until she wanted be elected from there) came down. The "Punishers" passed a law that "Anyone who had served in, or gave aid and comfort to the Confederate Army" had no vote.

Legislatures filled with former slaves. The only ones who could vote were the largely illiterate former slaves. The new legislatures voted funds to Carpetbaggers to build buildings, roads, and perform services, the majority of which were never started or completed.

The ones who were denied a vote, but still taxed, responded with violent force. They knew that the Yankees would quickly hang them if anyone could point out who they were. That force was a secret society, which morphed into a symbol of hate.
It wasn't hate then. It was trying to get a vote.


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