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25 June 2006

No Jury Duty for me

On June 26, 1975, two FBI agents, Mr. Jack Coler and Mr. Ron Williams, entered the Jumping Bull Ranch, private property. They allegedly sought to arrest a young Native American man they believed they had seen riding in a red pickup truck. A large number of AIM supporters were camping on the property at the time. A shoot out began, trapping a family with small children in the crossfire. The more than thirty men, women and children present were surrounded by over 150 FBI agents, SWAT team members, BIA police and local posse members, and barely escaped through a hail of bullets. When the gun fight ended, a Native American named Joe Stuntz lay dead. His killing was never investigated. FBI agents Coler and Williams were also dead. They had been wounded in the gun fight and then shot point blank through the head by a still unidentified assailant. (Emphasis added).

ANY REASONABLE READING of paragraph #5 would leave the impression that there had been a government assault on the Jumping Bull compound that day by a large force of well-armed agents and police, who forced a confrontation, resulting in a shootout that pinned innocent women and children in the crossfire. The result being that two agents and a Native American were killed in the melee.

However, the actual sequence of events is well established by the timing of urgent radio calls from Agent Williams. In this instance, the impression left by paragraph #5 is not what happened that day, but because timing is everything, an accurate sequence of events is available to the reader.
Clearly, based on the overheard conversations, the agents did not stop, exit their vehicles, and start shooting. Their shooting was a result of trying to defend themselves from attack. They knew from the outset of driving onto the reservation that they were out-numbered and ill-equipped for an armed confrontation with only their service revolvers with them inside the vehicles (their more powerful weapons still in the trunks). They were miles away from any responding assistance, and in an understandably hostile area with an AIM camp nearby. Suggestions by the LPDC that the agents entered Jumping Bull and started a shootout belies what actually happened.

This is just one instance where the killer came up with a story. As you can see, the fellow FBI Agents have a web site to counter lies, propaganda, half-truths, and implied prejudice. As with many cases where the killer is a "Minority", a myth and image has been created around the killer.

Today's title...No Jury Duty for me. This is because no defense attorney or plaintiff's attorney in a civil suit will seat me on a jury. I've sat through about a hundred jury selections. Cops, judges, nurses, doctors, anyone who is friends with, or any family of a cop--is "excused". Basically, the defense attorney asks," Who in here watches news, reads papers, or is on the internet?" O K " Who in here only watches American Idol and Days of Our Lives?" O K. Group #1--you are excused.

As an Officer dealing with the Criminal Justice System, I KNOW that if a person has reached the point of a jury trail, HE/SHE is guilty as Hell.
IF an officer or detective makes an arrest, he/she has to submit it to a supervisor, usually a Sergeant. If there is a way out for the Arrestee, the Sergeant will see it, and demand that the Arrestee be released at once.
IF the Sergeant approves, there is a Court-Liason Officer. That officer will read through the case with a fine screen, looking for any exceptions or justifications.
Again, the Court Officer has the power to get a case dismissed.
IF the case goes to the prosecutor, there is an "Issuing Deputy". His/her job is to "File" charges, i.e., enter the case into the "Legal Pipeline". Prosecutors can dismiss a case, and they do NOT have justify the dismissal.
IF the Prosecutor issues the case, it will be heard by a judge in a "preliminary hearing". This hearing is to determine if there is enough evidence to forward the case to a Jury Trial. Many cases end here. The Defense Attorney approaches the Prosecutor and says,"What are you willing to GIVE ME?", i.e, "How can I look good to this dirtbag defendant?" In a majority of cases, the charge is dropped from a Felony to a midemeanor, and at worst, the arrestee spends a year in the County Jail system.

So, if a case has been pressed this far, the perpetrator is guilty of the charge, and probably several others.


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