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27 February 2006

Selective statistics

Saturday night, a CHP Motorcycle officer, on his way home, did what he was supposed to do.

Now this officer served his State and his country. He had recently returned from Iraq, where he had served 15 months as a First Sergeant in the Army National Guard.

After he had stopped a possible DUI driver, Francisco Trujillo, he was standing to the right of Trujillo's pickup.

"He was standing at the right front door making contact with the driver when a 1991 Honda Accord, which had driven on the right shoulder at approximately 65 mph, struck the (2004 BMW) Highway Patrol motorcycle," said long time friend Sgt. Kevin Eads, of the CHP's Victorville office. "The Honda continued forward and struck the rear of the Ford pickup causing the pickup to roll on its right side into the No. 4 lane. The CHP motorcycle and the Honda caught on fire

The driver of the Honda, which touched off the chain-reaction accident, is Domingo Esqueda, 20, of Adelanto, according to a press release issued by the CHP.
Esqueda had a blood alcohol level nearly three times the legal limit, Eads said. He did not have a valid driver's license. What he did have was a fake identification card, a Mexican identification card and other identification all with different names and different variations of names, Eads said.

TRANSLATION: Domingo was an Illegal Alien. Oh, yeah, the CCP MSM Media declares " They are only here to do jobs that Americans won't do"

Esqueda was transported to Loma Linda Medical Center with minor injuries, Eads said. Once released from the hospital he will be booked into the West Valley Detention Center for suspicion of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and felony DUI, Eads said.

The biggest irony is that if CHP Officer Baily had been First Sergeant Baily, and had been killed in Iraq, the MSM would have crowed and touted this death as tribute to George Bush's mismanagement.
From my perspective, this death IS a can be laid at George Bush's REFUSAL to guard our borders, and keep out the Esquedas.


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