DesertExile: Don't Ask--Don't Tell

10 February 2006

Don't Ask--Don't Tell

When you hear or read this phrase, you think of the half completed effort by the Clinton Administration to allow Gay people to enter the military and stay there without consequences.

Now, do not think I have anything against Gay people. The only time I resent " Gay" is when the speaker claims to be Gay, and assumes that grants him/her special benefits and/or privileges.

What sparked this thought today was the idea by all of the media, the majority of government bureaucrats, and most of private industry that you do not ask if someone is here, in this country, enjoying benefits, privileges, and getting special favors--without going through the process of LEGALLY becoming a citizen.

In the local paper, Local Section, was a clip that ICE had arrested two people as Illegal Immigrants, who were WORKING at the Wendy's on CAMP PENDLETON! I see iif I can find this on the online version. No where to be found.

Recently, a Highway Patrol Officer stopped a pair of brothers with hispanic surnames on I-15 in San Bernardino. Neither man was licensed to drive ( CLUE: You can not get a license-yet--if you are not a legal citizen, have a visa or a work permit). The Officer then started to impound their vehicle when the driver got out and shot the Officer in the back. Many requests were sent to newspapers and radio stations asking: Were these men citizens of the US?
A news conference held by investigators, and broadcast on radio, was the first time this question was answered. The question of where the men at present was answered with," They may be in Mexico-they are not legal citizens of the United States"

Yet, taxpayers are expected to continue to pay" Social Costs" for these Illegals.

It is going to take a movement from ordinary legal residents to stop this. Democrats look at illagals as votes, and Republicans see Cheap Labor.


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